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  1. nineniner

    Open Core doesnt show second boot drive

    I had clover working with an internal NVME and an external USB SSD both running Catalina. I installed open core and updated the NVME install to Big Sur. It worked, but now my external SSD with Catalina doesnt show up as a boot option (but it is visible in finder and disk utility when I boot into...
  2. nineniner

    << Solved >> Changing mobo and CPU on current build (9400 to 10700k). Do I need to make any clover changes?

    Do I need to make any changes, or will it just work?
  3. nineniner

    4k TV does 30hz in Mojave, but 60hz in windows

    I have a Roku TCL 4k TV. It has an HDMI 2.0 port that can do 4k60 (ps4 works, windows works). In fact, even Mojave works, but only if i unplug and replug the hdmi cable every bootup, then it switches to 60hz. I have an rx 580. Any way to get it to work automatically?
  4. nineniner

    What config settings for i5 9400f CPU?

    In my 6 years of hackintoshing, I have never learned what settings and when in the clover config in the CPU section. Do I "generate PStates"? "Generate Cstates"? What about the C states mentioned by themselves "C6" etc? Do I use "PluginType=1"? If so, which one? There are 2 separate sections...
  5. nineniner

    Best GPU for Divinci Resolve / Video editing? Vega 64, VII, or 5700 XT?

    Now that Catalina has 5700 XT support, which of these 3 cards is the best for video editing / divinci resolve? I mean in both "hands down best" and in "best bang for buck". For example, I might be inclined to 2nd place if its only slightly less powerful while being half the price etc. Any ideas?
  6. nineniner

    How do I move my Catalina drive to an HFS+ drive?

    I have a working Catalina drive, but it is in APFS. Even when I use carbon copy cloner, it converts the second drive to APFS. Is there a way to move it to a HFS+ drive?
  7. nineniner

    What about these HP Z XEON machines that are like $400 and as powerful as 9900k builds?

    There are a ton of older HP Z series machines (z800, z820 etc) that are either single or even dual xeon, and usually come with a ton of RAM for like 4-500 dollars. Some of these score the same, or even higher than modern 9900k builds, but I can find very little on compatibility. Does anyone know...
  8. nineniner

    << Solved >> Newest Clover can't boot (busy timeout appleacpicpu)

    I have 2 EFI folders with identical driver folders, identical kexts, and identical config file. The different is that one folder has the newest clover. The newer one has a different file structure too (no drivers64 folder, instead has a driver folder and inside has a bios folder and a uefi...
  9. nineniner

    Which video editor that is NOT FCPX in Mojave?

    FCPX is absolute trash, so I am looking for another NLE. MacOS is supposed to be the “creative” preferred environment for video, music, production etc, but I can’t seem to find a good solution. First, Apple murders NVIDIA/CUDA support, so then you think “oh, they must want you to use...
  10. nineniner

    Dell Optiplex 755 E8400 cant see sata drives

    I had an old dell laying around and decided to try a hack. From what I read, it would work except for onboard graphics, so I added a working video card. I then made the UniBeast Legacy mode USB installer for High Sierra 10.13.6 but it wouldn't boot to the installer. So then I read some more and...
  11. nineniner

    << Solved >> New config file has very slow boot time, and rainbow colored text in verbose mode

    So I had been updating my config file over the course of many years and many different builds, and so I decided to make a brand new config file since the old one was causing alot of problems. The new one works and solved many of the issues I was having, but it did 2 things. One, now my -v boot...
  12. nineniner

    << Solved >> Mojave rx 580 second monitor rotation / portrait bug

    I have a weird display bug that I cant find any info on, so Im guessing its hackintosh related. I have 2 monitors ( an Asus 4k monitor, and a monoprice 1440p monitor, both using DP).The 1440p monitor is rotated and so I set the rotation in the preferences to match. The problem is that on every...
  13. nineniner

    Takes a long time to reach Clover Boot Menu

    8700k, rx 580, mojave 10.14.2, 1440p monitor and 4k monitor, both using DP cable. It takes a long time to load the clover boot menu. In the past, it would take a long time because it was showing that "afps" verbose code before loading Clover, and now it just shows a black screen for like 10...
  14. nineniner

    (9900k Vega 64 10.13.6) - Bios post always fails on restart / shutdown

    First, the build would not shutdown or restart (it would just hang on the black screen), until I added emuvariable, now it does restart/shutdown but on every boot, the bios gives me the "post failed last time" error where I have to press f1 to go to bios settings, and then boot from there...
  15. nineniner

    How do you decipher an Apple device model, from a serial number manually?

    usually, people just say “go to the Apple website and enter a serial there, it will then tell you the device model”, but obviously there is data in the serial itself that gives a model. Two ways I know this are 1) websites like “everymac” can tell you the model of a device by its serial, and 2)...
  16. nineniner

    Which is better graphics? Intel HD (8700k) or Nvidia GT 710?

    i have a got 710, and am wondering if it has any advantage over 8700k integrated HD. I don’t game. General usage, with some occasional FCPX.
  17. nineniner

    Black Screen for 20-30 Seconds on Boot with RX 480

    Is there a fix for the "black screen for 20-30 seconds on boot" issue with AMD cards? I have an rx 480 and it works without any kexts or boot flags, but it alwasy has a black screen for about 20 seconds when I boot in, which makes having an ssd pointless for boot times. This is NOT the "black...
  18. nineniner

    Fortnite lags terribly on my 8700k Rx 480 build

    i had a 1060 6gb and was experiencing terrible lag and stutter in Fortnite (game freezes for a split second about every 3 seconds). I thought it was due to the sh*t show that is the NVDIA webdriver issue, so I traded for an RX 480, and the same issue occurs. Can anyone else try Fortnite in MacOS...
  19. nineniner

    ASUS Strix RX 480 is working oob for me. Is that normal?

    All the research i did beforehand indicated that I would need alot of troubleshooting to make it work, but it is working fine right now oob. Should I be worried? I am on 10.13.3 with an imac18,3 smbios, 8700k build.
  20. nineniner

    Fix for slow NVME speeds

    Ive had an NVME drive issue for about a year now where the write speed (in my case) was VASTLY slower than it should, while the read speed was good. I tried reformatting, erasing, reinstalling OS, installing windows etc, and that issue persisted. It wasnt until i used the "utility" program that...