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  1. MateusVeloso

    Sierra - Volume key on the keyboard does not work.

    I upgraded the El Capitan for Sierra, but the volume button does not work. Any solution?
  2. MateusVeloso

    Lenovo G40-80 - Bad audio and brightness does not work.

    El Capitan installed and Intel HD 5500 on my laptop, but the audio VoodooHDA is very low and the brightness does not work. Does anyone have a solution?
  3. MateusVeloso

    Lenovo G40-80 - Keyboard and Touchpad does not work.

    Someone help me? The keyboard and touchpad Lenovo G40-80 does not work here. Since the beginning of the installation of El Capitan does not work, I had to use a USB keyboard to continue the installation. The touchpad and the keyboard is the Elantech. Thanks!