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  1. ketilschei

    GA-Z77X-UP5 TH w/ HD4000 and Lion: Not Getting To Installer Screen

    I dont think Lion will support the HD4000. If you put in a graphics card, it might work better. Also install procedure with MAX 4GB ram ;) I have also experienced that if the installer USB is not proper formatted before starting the process, it just might **** things up. Best of luck!!
  2. ketilschei

    I am stuck

    Thx alot for your answer. The reason I think it might be video is because, the display will start blinking after some hours use, and it wont play videos even if sound is working both internal and thru my UAD Apollo Quad. EDIT: I have now made a new clean install on a new disk a Intel SSD...
  3. ketilschei

    I am stuck

    Thx for this brilliant forum. I have an awesome build that works quite flawless with Pro Tools and Vienna. My biggest challenge since I started building and tweaking, is my graphics. I started out with a XFX 6870 card. As I never got it to function well, and read several places that the...
  4. ketilschei

    Help! Audio Driver Causes Boot-up Kernel Panic!

    Have you updated the OS recently? I had a serious KP recently due to the install of some drivers. My only way around this was to install the combo update of 10.7.4. I started the computer on another disk and choose the KP`d disk for install. Or, you can...
  5. ketilschei

    Graphic Card advice for FCP X - GTX 560 vs HD 6870 ??

    Well, I heard from XFX that it was known issue with apple. I think the Sapphire will be good though ;) I have read about lots of happy Sapphire users.
  6. ketilschei

    Graphic Card advice for FCP X - GTX 560 vs HD 6870 ??

    I do know that some have had success with the XFX card, but the majority don't. So its not a good buying advice anyhow. I have tried clean installs and a thousand different ways to solve it with no success. I will return the card and get a new one, if it is as smooth as powerpcg5 claims I...
  7. ketilschei

    Graphic Card advice for FCP X - GTX 560 vs HD 6870 ??

    ......that said, I have heard that alot of people have had success with the Sapphire 6870 though. The XFX seems to have a different framebuffer than all the other cards, wich is miles over my head to fix. I have read for hrs every day for weeks, but cant seem to solve it. It might be that you...
  8. ketilschei

    Graphic Card advice for FCP X - GTX 560 vs HD 6870 ??

    Pro Tools and most its third party software are not qualified for 10.8 yet, and usually the first updates suck, so I will probably need to wait 6 month at least. Meanwhile I would love to have stable graphics card ;)
  9. ketilschei

    Graphic Card advice for FCP X - GTX 560 vs HD 6870 ??

    Will the GTX work in Lion? 10.7.4?
  10. ketilschei

    Graphic Card advice for FCP X - GTX 560 vs HD 6870 ??

    Though, I seem to have serious trouble with the XFX6870 card. Quicktime or quicktime codecs wont work in my Avid based ProTools system. Nor will it preview files from finder or play silverlight, flash or quicktime. I am looking for a new card, cause I simply give up the xfx6870.
  11. ketilschei

    iTunes, Quicktime and Youtube wont play

    Finally I got sound coming out of my MOBO, so I thought I`d have luck with iTunes QuickTime and Youtube. YouTube run for about 5 seconds, then the browser freezes iTunes goes into a freeze just by opening the program Quicktime gives me the 101 error. I cannot find any related topic...
  12. ketilschei

    ilok2 no longer recognized

    Did you solve this? The trick is to get your network right. This is how iLok recognizes itself. Your first network needs to be en0 Let me know if you need more tips ;)
  13. ketilschei

    Help with USB flash drive after installing Unibeast

    I had a similar situation just recently. I found out that the formatting of the USB Flashdrive wasnt done properly, there were hidden files still on the USB even if I had format it. When I did a serious "goverment" wipe all the hidden files got erased. It seems that ordinary formating doesnt...
  14. ketilschei

    Strange kernel error

    Still no one who has a solution for this? I have googled it and read for hours, so pls. Any tip would really help.
  15. ketilschei

    Strange kernel error

    No answer to this?
  16. ketilschei

    Strange kernel error

    I just updated my build to 10.7.4. and its working flawless! More stable than ever. Though....I get this error in the console everytime Pro Tools crash: 7/24/12 10:29:39.642 AM ReportCrash: mach_vm_map failed: (os/kern) no space available Its only happening if I work with another...
  17. ketilschei

    iLok (fail) with hackintosh

    Thanks alot for this! It really solved the problem for me. It has to be en0 for Spectrasonics products to give challenge code too, and for all McDSP Plugs on the iLok.
  18. ketilschei

    Ivy Bridge 3770k_Gigabyte z77x-ud5h_10.7.4 Problem with boot

    Try this:  At  Installation screen, go to menubar,Utilities  Open Terminal  Type the following and hit enter: rm /Volumes/Lion/mach_kernel Then type the following and hit enter:   cp /Volumes/USB/mach_kernel /Volumes/Lion/ Reboot from USB and choose Lion :geek:
  19. ketilschei

    no audio GA-Z77-UD5H

    any progress - i tried voodoo. it didnt work. is there anyone on this board that has gotten the ud5h to work wtih audio? toleda has a hunch that i may have a hardware issue, but it seems weird because other people with the same board seem to have the same problems. also, have any of you guys...
  20. ketilschei

    Quicktime not playing - iTunes not playing

    EDIT - Re: Quicktime not playing - iTunes not playing Thx for replying SG- I just ran the Unigine. Attached is the results. It looked awesome btw :) EDIT: After moving the AppleUpstream kext itunes started playing and quicktime. Installing Flash 10.3 made youtube play videos too. And sound...