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  1. ReneKnaake

    [Solved] Panic..can't perform kext scan

    Disable CPU EIST function in Bios
  2. ReneKnaake

    how to get usb 3.0 working on GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3???

    Hi Pieroman69, I use UEFI bios, settings unchanged from Mavericks (USB3 was working fine there). I use Macbook SMBIOS because I spoof settings from my (real) Macbook to avoid AppStore and iMessage issues (works fine). Only use DSST for C- and P states, no DSDT.aml or patches in Clover. So...
  3. ReneKnaake

    how to get usb 3.0 working on GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3???

    I'm also on the GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 board with UEFI bios and both USB2 and USB3 show up, including the devices I connect to them (disks, mouse, keyb). Only thing is that these devices do not work, so no access to disk or no working keyboard on USB3 ports. On USB2 all works just fine.
  4. ReneKnaake

    Clover Intel HD 3000

    Never mind, Got it to work by injecting the code below in dsdt.aml and enable in Clover: Device (GFX0) { Name (_ADR, 0x00020000) Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) { Store (Package (0x04)...
  5. ReneKnaake

    Clover Intel HD 3000

    Did anyone ever got this fixed? I've got exactly the same issue as the original poster (jonisign). I think it must be related to the iMac12,2 SMBIOS profile in Clover. if I use it, the second screen on my HD3000 freezes and scrambles(the adapter itself gets recognized as HD3000 oke). If I use...
  6. ReneKnaake

    OS X 10.9.5 Update

    Easy install via Software Update. No sound or trim issues, no reinstall required (using Clover with patched kexts). Sad it's the last Mavericks, no big fan of Yosemite design. Think I'll stick with 10.9.5 for a while. GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 [UEFI]
  7. ReneKnaake

    Intel Power Gadget CPU frequency bug: slightly worrying

    Same issue here. The frequency scale goes as high as 23 GHz, when 4 GHz is my max turbo speed on a i7 2600k.
  8. ReneKnaake

    How to Install OS X Mavericks using Clover

    How to Install OS X Mavericks using Clover - SOLVED - Thanks for your reply, but I found why iMessage did'nt work. For some reason EMUVariableUEFI-64 was not present on my EFI drive. Maybe I forgot to select, or it got deleted. Anyway, reinstalled it and now iMessage is working as usual. So...
  9. ReneKnaake

    How to Install OS X Mavericks using Clover

    Hi Tony, Thanks for your great guide, it works like a charm and booting with Clove UEFI has some big advantages over Chimera. Only thing that upsetting is that I'm unable to get iMessage to work when booting with Clover. I did set all serials, UUid's, password, creditcard etc, but still can't...
  10. ReneKnaake

    OS X 10.9.2 Update

    Piece of (chocolate) cake... Only audio and trim fixed and repair permissions.
  11. ReneKnaake

    Gigabyte UEFI - SSDT/DSDT and Overclocking

    Great threat! Used #1 ssdt and various UEFU bios settings from other posts and got my Hack to 16644, an alltime high for me. Thanks for all the help...
  12. ReneKnaake

    UniBeast: Install OS X Mavericks on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    Update from Mavericks GM build 13A598 to the retail version without any problem. The easiest update ever. Just made a USB boot with the new Unibeast for Mavericks, run the installer on the existing GM and off you go. Just reinstall audio and trim support and it's done! Big thanks to the guys at...
  13. ReneKnaake

    OS X Mavericks is Now Available on the Mac App Store for Free

    Article: OS X Mavericks is Now Available on the Mac App Store for Free Yep, you have a pirated app on your system with _MASReceipt that contains the other user's ID. If you get the error trying to download Mavericks, you probably have used a 10.9 GM installer to install the GM. Delete that...
  14. ReneKnaake

    OS X 10.8.5 Update

    Article: OS X 10.8.5 Update Can you tell me if your BIOS has Virtualisation set to Enabled? When I set this, I can only boot with flag dart=0, when I disable, the rig boots Ok.
  15. ReneKnaake

    OS X 10.8.5 Update

    Did install with Combo, had to do audio and trim again. Strange thing, I now have to use dart=0 or tun off Visualization in Bios to be able to boot at all. No big thing, but I'm glad for the Internet to find a solution. Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 / i7-2600K
  16. ReneKnaake

    Post Your Network Speeds - Download/Upload

    Here is mine. cable internet 150Mbps down, 10Mbps up.
  17. ReneKnaake

    OS X 10.8.3 Update

    Updated through Software Update (Appstore). Had to boot with -x first time and run MultiBeast. Reinstall AppleACPIPlatform Rollback (10.8.1.) and Realtek Audio. Also TRIM has to be enabled again (Groths). All's well now and running 100% again!
  18. ReneKnaake

    Chimera 2.0 Now Available with iMessage Login Fix

    Great, that's what makes this the best Hackintosh community there is !
  19. ReneKnaake

    Mod About This Mac!

    Mod About This Mac 10.8! No, if you follow the guide, there is no risk of major damage or crash. You can mess up the images in About this Mac, but your system will still work. But apart from that, it's alway a good thing to make a backup before changing things.....
  20. ReneKnaake

    Mod About This Mac!

    Mod About This Mac 10.8! It would be great if there is a way to do this. But do try to have some real fun on your days off also! :lol::headbang: Cheers!