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  1. asusceleron

    Display broken on USB-C ---> HDMI, HD615 -> ViewSonic 3276-2k

    OpenCore work fine on my tablet m3 7y30 internal display But if I plug in the USB-c to HDMI external monitor Display is distorted and disconnected every 2 seconds (hdmi audio interrupted, turn off, blackscreen) as in the picture below My OC folder
  2. asusceleron

    Report Commercial grade success Yoga 500-15IBD 1001‰

    Due to shortage of disk space, instead of in-place-upgrade from Mojave, I have to fresh install. At 1st the installer hung at apfs_module_load, cause by EC patch. Then everything run smooth, 100% hardware work as in Mojave (except bluetooth for BCM94352Z-havent installed any 3rd party kext) Also...
  3. asusceleron

    Nvidia 310m seems Full QE/CI, but can only reach desktop with -v?

    My Vaio specs as in my signature Everything working Problem is that, it can not boot without -v flag. Without -v flag, apply logo won't go away. Although system boot fine. HDD led show activity. SSH, VNC show desktop load normally. However everything stuck under Apple logo, no way to get onto...
  4. asusceleron

    Broadwell unresponsiveness shortly after boot

    In 10.13.6 everything is ok. Edited In 10.14 week from sleep is lag too. Lag after auto-login also
  5. asusceleron

    [solved] Boot graphic glitch?

    Any thing have to change for graphic glitch? I encounter glitch now , dont know what to change?
  6. asusceleron

    [solved] layout 3 alc235 doesn't work any more

    In my Lenovo Yoga 500 Broadwell Upgrade from 10.13.6 to 10.14 official release today. Sound lost completely no device seen in DCPI-Manager Have tried Use Lilu.kext & AppleALC.kext (latest) add to boot arg -alcbeta -lilubeta Change to the only available layout id 28 No sound Any guide?
  7. asusceleron

    10.13.1 -> 10.13.3, stuck, IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState

    as the title, my laptop stuck right after complete updating no NVIDIA, only HD3000?
  8. asusceleron

    Your computer has a probelm

    This is due to new firmware check, mention some where. How to fix?
  9. asusceleron

    APFS corrupt, no hope

    First of all, HFS+ and APFS are not compatible with Ubuntu. Whenever I boot Live Usb Ubuntu to my laptop, to just browsing, not doing any file operation on the internal macOS SSD. Later on the macOS volumes will has an error, then I have to use DiskWarrior to fix. That is the story with HFS+...
  10. asusceleron

    How to reach MAX TDP 15W Broadwell?

    My CPU is i3 5020u, configurable TDP=10W, Max=15W I use Pike Alpha SsdtPrGen script and observe the result in Intel Power Gad Get. I open several tab in Safari with video and see the total power fluctuate but it is limited at 10W. So Safari freezes after few minutes. According to intel ARK, this...
  11. asusceleron

    [Done] Brightness is reset after 60 seconds

    Hi, for HD5500, every time I change my Brightness level, 1 minute later it automatically switch to MAX level. What is going on?
  12. asusceleron

    Dock/w generic ps/2 mouse possible?

    My Cube Mix Plus comes with a dock The keyboard is detected as USB3 keyboard but trackpad not work with VoodooPS2Controller.kext The keyboard and trackpad work in Linux as general ps/2 device, vendor id is LZH H: Handlers=kbd mouse0 event7 It is possible to add trackpad id to the...
  13. asusceleron

    [solved] Startup brightness zero hd615

    If I use the IntelBacklight.kext then it start with zero brightness, black screen If I remove the kext, brightness always 100% What do?
  14. asusceleron

    [Solved] ALC283 show in system profile but no device

    I have tried Lenovo U430 repo from Rehabman, AppleALC, VoodooHDA Only VoodooHDA work once then disappear forever Other method show HDA in system profiler but nothing in preference pane Pls help
  15. asusceleron

    Origin ssdt error reserved type require 1

    This is battery related ssdt and this is the error, how to correct
  16. asusceleron

    [solved] 'macOS can not install on your system'

    Hi all. There is a strange problem in my m2 Sata FORESEE 128G, Cube Mix Plus, m3-7y30 tablet. 2 days ago I install El Capitan dual boot Win 10 my system OK. Then in place upgrade to Sierra OK. But all of a sudden, yesterday, Sierra reports file system failed and refuse to boot. I have try Disk...
  17. asusceleron

    [Solved] [WIP] Guide: Cube Mix Plus Kaby Lake M3-7Y30 need help!!!

    Update 26th Sept 2019 Mojave update, everything work Update all kext to latest VoodooI2c cause KP , require modded version or 2.1.2 AppleALC no internel microphone signal Update 4th Aug 2018 Backlight work by this...
  18. asusceleron

    [solved ]Can not upgrade to Sierra, "not connect to AC"?

    After 2 days testing El Capitan on my brand new Kabylake Cube Mix Plus, I decide to upgrade to Sierra, but it refuse to proceed. My battery is Intel SR 1 Real Battery, haven't patched so it is always report as 0%, no AC plug in. How to just bypass this annoying? Thanks
  19. asusceleron

    No hardware info Kaby Lake

    Linux can not detect my front and rear SkyCam. Other tools like lscpi, lsusb, hwinfo, lshw, hardinfo don't not display human readable info as in Broadwell Windows 10 full device loaded but same problem, no human readable info. I have tried HWInfo64, CPUZ, no luck. We need all VEN_ID...
  20. asusceleron

    Kaby lake panic FakeCPU_sensors

    As the title, all sensors work fine, HWP fine. But the cpu sensor will cause KP if it is injected. Any clue any one.