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  1. macs_forever

    Gigabyte X299 Designare Ex

    My x299 is still on high sierra, maybe just sierra. I don't even start the beast anymore sad.
  2. macs_forever

    Need help to install Snow Leopard on Macbook Pro Mid 2012

    Ah... No matter your rules, good form dictates a public scolding deserves a public response. You should at least treat your customers as well as you expect to be treated. Next time show them the same courtesy.
  3. macs_forever

    Post macOS/OS X Geekbench Benchmarks

    Maxed out 2020 13 inch MacBook Pro -- GeekBench4
  4. macs_forever

    Good GPU -- $150 PowerColor RED DRAGON Radeon RX 570 DirectX 12 AXRX 570 8GBD5-3DHD/OC

    I still use it so yes. I have been out of the Tonymac game for a while. Just came back because I need to upgrade my X299 18 core server. I have had it turned off all summer. Need to get it going again.
  5. macs_forever

    Radeon VII performance... Possible to add Nvidia for Processing?

    A K6000 or K5200 is about the fastest Cuda card you can use. It must be Kepler based (old)
  6. macs_forever

    Why we do hackintosh?

    put a 2tb hp ssd into my macbook air 11" -- thou dost protest too much. not hard or too risky.
  7. macs_forever

    Post your GEEKBENCH scores!

    Geekbench 4 score for metal with Quadro K4200 Running Under Mojave in a maxed out cMP -- Respectable for a single slot card but the now antique W7000 is faster. Every time start this old Mac, its speed and capability makes me smile. Amazing for an 11 year old computer.
  8. macs_forever

    Asus X299 - Support

    I built this Hackintosh for work, then I was laid off from that job. I'm now using an 18 core mac to surf the internet and play Starcraft... Speed is never an issue. When they have a solid MultiBeast for Catalina and the x299, I will upgrade.
  9. macs_forever

    Asus X299 - Support

    This system still runs High Sierra for now. I don't change OSes unless there is a good reason to change. I am curious, what prompted your response? Everything works perfectly. What did I type to make you think my SSDs weren't formatted APFS? When you are using a rocketRAID card for spinning...
  10. macs_forever

    Asus X299 - Support

    Interesting suprise... My Designaire X299 with 12 4TB slow spinning drives, 4 2TB SSDs, 128GB of RAM, Vega64, water cooled (H100iv2) 7980xe consumes less than 300 watts according to the readout on my UPS. Most of the time it is under 250 watts. No wonder the PSU fan never comes on. Oh, that...
  11. macs_forever

    Bad wifi apple to M.2 adapters (BCM94360CS2 BCM943224PCIEBT2 BCM94331CD BCM94360CD Module Card to NGFF(M.2) Key A/E Adapter)

    It will work, but you have to make the proper USB SSDT. Watch for defective Apple cards. I had one that I wasted hours on until I finally realized one of the connectors was broken. I think most of these are used pulls, so they can have defects.
  12. macs_forever

    What's the contribution of hyperthread and iGPU

    If you want something cheap but VERY fast for the cash -- Intel Core i3-8350K Coffee Lake Quad-Core 4.0 GHz with 4.8GHz overclock. These do not have turbo. If you clock them to 4.8Ghz, All 4 cores will be 4.8GHz as long as there is enough work to keep the CPU busy.
  13. macs_forever

    What's the contribution of hyperthread and iGPU

    Minimal. Picture/Video encoding sometimes still goes through the IGPU unless you use an iMacPro1,1 SMBIOS System Definition. Search the forums for "Preview iMacPro1,1" maybe "QuickLook iMacPro1,1". If you get a Z370 motherboard, use an 8th Gen processor (easiest to configure). If you get a...
  14. macs_forever

    What's the contribution of hyperthread and iGPU

    In the enterprise software industry (at least my old company), Testing showed a hyperthreaded CPU to have a performance increase of only 25% to 30%. In otherwords, A 8th Gen 6Core with HT is roughly equal to an 8 core CPU in terms of performance ASSUMING your software can take full advantage of...
  15. macs_forever

    Does anyone here use the Quadro K6000?

    I really have no choice. It is the most powerful card that works in both worlds. AMD cards do not work well with the application "Rhino 6." If he switches over to Rhino for Mac, we may have other options.
  16. macs_forever

    Does anyone here use the Quadro K6000?

    I only need Cuda under Windows
  17. macs_forever

    Does anyone here use the Quadro K6000?

    Wondering how it performs. Looking for the most powerful Mojave/Win10 compatible cuda card.
  18. macs_forever

    YES! -- Lian Li TU150X M-ITX case with no window

    I have one of those too