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  1. Dschijn

    MSI GTX 970 struggles

    Running OSX 10.10 Yosemite and installed the latest WebDriver-343.01.01f01. Unfortunetly my GTX 970 isn't loading the kext files… Anyone is having an idea?
  2. Dschijn

    GTX 780 6GB working?

    I am planning to buy a ASUS GTX 780 Strix with 6GB of video RAM. Do you think this card will work?
  3. Dschijn

    Mac Pro (late 2013) replica

    Edit (15th of january 2014): As this build gets so much attention I think I have to clarify some details. I am NOT the builder of this mod. I got the permission of the "modder" to present the mod here. The original thread of the build has been in a german forum, which name I am not allowed...
  4. Dschijn

    Dschijn's 2nd G5 Mod - dust free - finished

    I was really pleased by my first mod and enjoyed building it, but two things haven't been as good as I wanted them to be: - air flow for the GPU - dust in the system Worklog of my first mod: The goals for this projects...
  5. Dschijn

    Stuck with Geforce 670 @ 10.8.4 GE=No

    I have installed 10.8.4 on my Asus board mit the HD4000 graphics. After some testing and Multibeast instalation&reboot I had a working system. After the reboot I: - set GraphicsEnabler=No in Multibeast - Shut down the PC - plugged in the Geforce 670 (worked on my UD5H @ 10.8.3 GE=No) -...
  6. Dschijn

    G5 HDD fan screws?

    Does somebody know if and which screws are holding the fan tray on the G5 case? I am talking about the two "ports" on the side of the case.
  7. Dschijn

    Dschijn's 2nd G5 Mod - dust free

    I will start my 2nd G5 Mod in the near future. For this project I will use the knowledge I got from my first mod and all the great inspiration from you! My plans are: - almost inaudible cooling - keep the components dust free - two 3,5" HDDs + two 2,5" SSDs in the upper part - 120mm...
  8. Dschijn

    typical G5 transportation damage

    Hi guys, I know I know… I should have picked up the G5 by myself. Unfortunately I didn't, because I don't have a car (master student) and it was too far away. The G5 I got from eBay does have the typical bent stand of the rear stand on the right side (G5 door side). I guess it happend...
  9. Dschijn

    Late 2005 Front Panel

    Hi guys, I am trying to get my hands on another 2004 G5, but the people on eBay are crazy… Because I still have a late 2005 in the basement, I am thinking of starting my 2nd mod on the baby. I read that I can replace the Frontpanel board with one of the 2004 models. Did someone made...
  10. Dschijn

    AMD Radeon HD 7950 for Mac Pro Showcased at Cebit (Germany)

    Sapphire is presenting a HD 7950 at the Cebit fair for MacPro Computer in a "Mac like" design: Link is in german:
  11. Dschijn

    Dschijn's G5 Mod

    Inspiration I got inspired by all the beautiful G5 Mods here at Tonymacx86! Especially by: MacTester57 eelhead chaosdesigns 1st chaosdesigns 2nd nikkokick kiwisincebirth Thanks to you guys! Getting a G5 Case Finding a G5 Case took me quite some time. I tried to get one on...
  12. Dschijn

    Switching from ATI HD 5870 to NVIDIA 670 FTW, how?

    In the next 1-2 days I will recieve my new EVGA GeForce GTX 670 FTW. Currently I am using OSX 10.7.4 with an flashed for Mac ATI HD 5870. What is the easiest way to get the 670 working? I would like to continue working with Lion, because I have to finish my thesis and am afraid of Mountain...
  13. Dschijn

    cpu temps

    Idle? Load? Everything under 75°C is good ;)
  14. Dschijn

    How to remove "64-bit GrapicsEnabler=No"?

    I build my Hackintosh with a 6870HD. But I already owned a flashed 5870HD in my old MacPro (which I want to sell). Because I mounted a watercooler on the 5870 and that kind of system wil be difficult to sell, I want to build the 5870 into my Hackintosh. For the 6870 I activated in Multibeast...
  15. Dschijn

    apple account fails…

    Hi, I had some trouble with the App Store and decided to reinstall Lion again (was just 2 days old). I also added my Apple Wlan card and installed with the guide from the blog (just like before). Did run Java Upgrade, 10.7.2 Upgrade and Multibeast with a DSDT. But after the the reboot: -I need...
  16. Dschijn

    Clean install necessary?

    I'm currently using a MacPro 1.1 with 10.7.2 Lion on a SSD. I would like to switch to a new self made system. Can I use my installed Lion by booting it via iBoot?