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  1. philip_petev

    New BIOS version for 4x40s: F60

    New BIOS version for 4x40s: F.60 FYI
  2. philip_petev

    VoodooPS2Controller isn't being loaded - 10.10.1

    I've just tested 10.10.1 install flash drive, created with UniBeast and found that for some reason the VoodooPS2Controller.kext isn't being loaded during the startup and you know what that means - no keyboard and pad for the laptops during install. It's strange, because there wasn't such issue...
  3. philip_petev

    Rebranding the Atheros 928x cards - The guide

    WARNING !!! Do not try to change the Vendor/Product IDs! You may change them even to any other manufactuter IDs, but after that, there's no turning back, because on the next boot, the Atheros EEPROM Tool won't recognize the card as Atheros and you won't be able to restore the previous EEPROM...
  4. philip_petev

    DVD drive spins up randomly !?!

    Has anyone noticed a DVD drive behavior like this? The topic is two years old, but I've noticed this DVD drive behavior on both my desktop and my ProBook last week.
  5. philip_petev

    [CLOSED] UniBeast 2.0.0 bug

    Just found a little bug in UniBeast 2.0 To reproduce it: 1. Select any of the first two options (Mac App Store...) 2. Select any of the second two options (Laptop Support or USB Legacy Support) The first two options are being deselected, if any of the second two options has been selected...
  6. philip_petev

    Anyone tried the new Chimera 2.1 yet?

    I saw in the changelog that writing of boot parameters in NVRAM has been disabled, but what about the screen brightness values?
  7. philip_petev

    USB WiFi Adapter for ProBook 4430s?

    How about one of these?
  8. philip_petev

    H77n-wifi usb 3.0

    Is there any chance to make the USB 3.0 ports on this board to work not only with keyboards and mouses, but with flash drives as well?
  9. philip_petev

    CLOSED Implemented: The Messages fix?

    Just of curiosity, will we see the Chameleon's Messages fix in Chimera any soon?
  10. philip_petev

    HP ProBook Installer 6.1: 4x30s and 4x40s support

    HP ProBook Installer 6.1 (6.1.13r3) Download: ProBook Installer Mirror MD5: a6a3cdcde7738b2d7093c43e744bb35b ProBook Installer 6.1.13r3.pkg Download: HP ProBook Installer Mirror MD5: ec4985f324cea5e71b7f658c879b67b0 HP ProBook Installer 6.1.pkg ProBook Installer...
  11. philip_petev

    Why CoreAudio creates NoDisplaySleepAssertion?

    Hi guys I have a sleep problem with one program - BGLiveRadio, a simple internet radio player. When it's started, the screensaver doesn't start and the display doesn't go to sleep after some time. I ran one pmset -g assertions and here's the result: Hackintosh:~ philip$ pmset -g assertions...
  12. philip_petev

    Chinera: slow boot timeout counting

    The title says it all: on set Timeout=2, it counts 4 or 5 seconds. My computer is the desktop from my signature and here's my org.chameleon.Boot.plist: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">...
  13. philip_petev

    GA-H77N-WiFi sleep issue

    Hi I have a new desktop system (you can see the configuration in my signature). My display is LG M2232D-PZ and I'm using it with pure HDMI to HDMI cable and I have both the picture and the sound from the computer thanks to the DSDT from the download section. Everything works like it should, but...
  14. philip_petev

    New EDID generator, help needed

    Hi, guys I started to write a new EDID generator almost from scratch. I think I finally found the solution how to make it work no matter if there is an external display connected or not, but in order to test my theory, I'm gonna need your help. Let as many of you as possible post in this thread...
  15. philip_petev

    HP ProBook Installer 6 is released!

    Guys, in case you didn't notice, there is a new Installer, which supports OS X Lion 10.7.5 and OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2. You can find it here.
  16. philip_petev

    [obsolete] HP ProBook Installer 6

    HP ProBook Installer 6 Download link: mirror MD5: HP ProBook Installer.pkg 329136b0d91c836f4ee0b50291a8c348 Old DSDTs: MD5: 38926c9cf724933f65e371b8a87ee1bf ProBook Installer 6/6.1 sources ProBook Installer historical archive Changelog...
  17. philip_petev

    Bios f.28

    Guys, there's a new BIOS version on the HP's support site. Anyone has tried it yet?
  18. philip_petev

    i7-2720QM and OSX

    Do you think that Intel Core i7-2720QM will work fine with OSX? Accroding to several sources on the net, this CPU is used in the 17" MacBook Pro and it also can be installed in our ProBooks, but I didn't found any information about this CPU's compatibility with OSX.