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  1. Koalaman

    [ProBook 4530s] No Sound After 10.11.4 Beta Update

    Hello all, Ever since opting into the Public Beta, my sound has not worked. I've reapplied the patches in the PB Installer CE (after f4) and recreated SSDT/DSDT to no dice. I remember this happening before, but the above steps fixed it last time. I appreciate any insight.
  2. Koalaman

    4530s Graphical Glitches when using 16GBs of Ram

    Hello all, as the title states my machine will randomly display graphical glitches which coincide with a system lock up. This problem only happens with I have 16GBs (2x8GB) in the machine. I've done a fair bit of research, but haven't found anything similar yet. Things I've tried: Rebuild...
  3. Koalaman

    Alienware 17 120Hz (3D) Compatability

    Hello all, Sorry for my absence. I come back with another alienware thread...I've done a fair bit of research regarding this laptop and every time the limiting factor has been optimus. But due to some cosmetic defects on my alienware 17, dell was "nice" enough to upgrade mine to the 120Hz 3D...
  4. Koalaman

    Should I Scrap or Save? *Must See

    Hello all, Well I won... I put a bid on this case, a case that was decribed as "Modded Powermac G5 Case RARE Painted Black And Blue Great For Hackintosh" with pictures taken from only the best angles and enough distance to where nothing appeared wrong. The only catch was that the side panel...
  5. Koalaman

    Need a hackintosh that can support photoshop, lightroom, and video editing

    Have you looked at the official buyers guide?
  6. Koalaman

    Paint Guide for G5 Mod

    Hello all, An almost complete G5 mod recently came into my possession, it just needs some paint...badly. Could anyone point me in the direction of a good guide/ resource for painting this thing? It's been wet sanded just never finished. I'm waiting to get the exact color from the seller.
  7. Koalaman

    Could someone look at my SSDT? Only 8, 24, and 34 are working.

    Hey all, I'm just trying to get my laptop into perfect working order and my SSDT seems to be an Issue. Only states 8, 24, and 34 show up in HWM. So if someone could look at this and fix it or tell me where to fix it I would greatly appreciate it. Cheers, KM Update: 8 17 and 24 now work...
  8. Koalaman

    Help Patching DSDT for Brightness

    [Solved] Help Patching DSDT for Brightness Hey all, I extracted my DSDT through linux and it compiles after one "bug fix" patch, but when I apply the brightness patches (after the GPU rename-er of course) I cannot get it compile afterwards. I see comments about adding in values for BAR, but...
  9. Koalaman

    Mac OS X Compatibility for the Clevo W670SZQ (System76 Kudu Professional)

    CURRENT STATUS: 95% Update 03/30/2014: Clickpad IS Synaptics and is working with RehabMan's driver DSDT is fully patched (Audio,brightness, Native Wifi, and other patches that will be added here later) With new SSDT (newer script) and DSDT Patches all P-states are working Bluetooth...
  10. Koalaman

    Help Needed! I need a laptop/ultrabook that is OSX compatible for college.

    As the title states, I'm looking for a 100/95% compatible (sleep doesn't matter) laptop for college next year. I would prefer an ultrabook with a plastic shell/macbook-esk look. I will not be buying until the switch to haswell though. I want to spend around $1600. Thank you for any help. If...
  11. Koalaman

    The Witcher 2 Causes Entire System Freeze. GPU? CPU? Ram? PSU?

    As the title states, when playing the witcher 2 (even in windowed mode) the game will freeze up my entire system. I don't think it's my CPU because it passed a 9 hour Small FFT Prime95 run, and I've got a Thermaltake T2-800W PSU. The only thing I can think of is the GPU. I haven't even had it...
  12. Koalaman

    System Takes 30 Seconds to Reboot

    Hello Everyone, From the time my monitor reads "no signal" it takes 30 seconds to post again. Also when I hit shutdown, the grey wheel spins for a while before shutting off. Anyone have any ideas?
  13. Koalaman

    Looking for mATX Case that will fit H80 and 680

    Hello all, basically I'm looking for a sleek mac-ish micro ATX case with room for a 680 as well as an H80. My current silver Lian Li is awesome, but I want a smaller one. :) I looked at this case from lian li, but I don't believe the top fan mount would be able to fit my h80 due to clearance...
  14. Koalaman

    How to get the most gaming performance out of OS X and my rig?

    Hello all, I am running an EVGA GTX 680 Superclocked Edition along with an i5 3570K OC's to 4.5Ghz. But performance in games is a little... skippy, and I'm only at 1600x900 ATM. I've installed the Nvidia 304 drivers as well as the CUDA drivers, and have even set the steam launch options to...
  15. Koalaman

    Slow Boot time in Mountain Lion | Tried almost everything |

    Hello, I have a Samsung 840 SSD, but yet boot times are still almost 30 seconds. I've tried the AppleACPI kext as suggested in another thread, kernel cache, and moving my drive around. I have enabled trim, and have no clue. Any ideas? Thank you -KM
  16. Koalaman

    My Journey From and Back to OS X

    Recently you may have noticed that I resumed making posts on here, after stopping for several months. Starting in about October, I had an itch for gaming. And when one of my friends had a 560Ti for sale, I immediatly bought it and ran an SLi setup. Of course SLi doesn't work in OS X, so I...
  17. Koalaman

    Installed Ubuntu 12.10, How to Write Chimera over GRUB2?

    I upgraded my dual boot to Ubuntu 12.10, and now when my PC boots it goes to grub with a long list of options, and when selecting the Mac Option it fails because of the missing commands I have in Chimera. How can I make it to where I see Chimera with the option of Ubuntu and OSX. I've tried...
  18. Koalaman

    All-In-One PC With A Competative Price! Systems76 Sable Complete

    Starts at only $799. PreLoaded with Ubuntu. Source:
  19. Koalaman

    What do you use for cooling? Is Air still the standard? POLL

    Hello, I was wondering what you all use for cooling in your rigs to see what is the new normal. Please explain your build in terms of size, overclocking, and noise level. Thank you!
  20. Koalaman

    Page Background Gold Build Logo?

    The Background for tonymac is the golden build logo. Pretty sure it's not supposed to be.