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  1. BillG66

    External CD drive not mounting under Ventura

    It's kind of a generic USB CD/DVD drive, but CDs/DVDs that mounted fine under Monterey are just not mounting at all in Ventura. It spins, it tries to mount, then eventually gives up. Anyone else had this problem, know of any troubleshooting steps to try? This is the drive...
  2. BillG66

    Help - Ventura Freezing at Login

    So, I'm on OC 0.8.5. I updated my Lilu, Whatevergreen, Apple ALC, and VirtualSMC kexts to the latest. I updated from 12.6 to 12.6.1, and all was well, then I plunged into the update for Ventura. Everything appeared to be going fine. On the third or fourth reboot, however, the progress bar...
  3. BillG66


    Now that I finally have my system up and running on 12.3, I'm getting greedy. Is there any trick to enable Airdrop using my Z490 I Aorus Ultra's built-in WiFi/Bluetooth? That's the only thing that's missing, and while I know I can email files to myself, I really enjoyed the ease of Airdrop...
  4. BillG66

    Tried to update to 12.3, now have kernel panic

    I finally got my machine restored and ports mapped, and everything running smoothly, then tried to update to 12.3. At first, all seemed to be going well, but after the first restart, the progress bar stopped, there was no hard disk activity for about 10 minutes, so I restarted. When I did, the...
  5. BillG66

    Trying to create Catalina Drive...

    Hi, I'm trying to install Catalina on an external drive so I can map my USB ports. I created an install stick in terminal (I already had an archive copy of the Catalina installer), and it boots, recognizes target drive, and starts the installation, but when it restarts, it doesn't recognize the...
  6. BillG66

    New MB, Boot Up Crash Loop

    @Edhawk So, I got my machine back, and I folllowed the Dortonia Guide for setting up an OC config.plist for comet lake (have the Gigabyte Z490 I Aorus Ultra MB and Core I-9 10900K). I went into BIOS and made the recommended changes from the TonyMacx86 installation guide. I created a boot stick...
  7. BillG66

    Boot Question - New MB

    I’m having to replace my MB and processor, but the drives are all intact. I know that I can follow the Dortonia Guide and build an OC EFI folder on a Windows machine… but is there any way to make a bootable USB drive with that EFI folder without having to install Mac OS? Just so I can get the...
  8. BillG66

    Corsair power supply replacement

    Hi, all… back in 2018, when I built my hack, I bought a Corsair CS550M for my BitPhenix Phenom case. That power supply seems to have failed, and I’m having a hard time finding the same model. Can anyone recommend a contemporary equivalent that will fit the same case? Will the CX550M work?
  9. BillG66

    External Discs ejecting on sleep

    Hey, all... on OC 0.7.4 and updated to Monterey... now having a problem I haven't had in years, and certainly not since I switched to OpenCore. When the computer goes to sleep, all external discs eject. The remount as soon as I wake the computer up, and I've tried a full shut down and restart...
  10. BillG66

    Having Trouble Moving to OC 0.7.4

    I'm getting the following errors from ocvalidate: But OpenRuntime.efi IS in EFI/OC/Drivers, and I used ProperTree to take a snapshot... so, I'm pulling what's left of my hair out figuring out what to do. And I don't understand the serialization errors at all. Anyone have any thoughts that...
  11. BillG66

    Can anyone help me figure out what I need to do? OC-Tool error.

    I just updated to OC 0.7.2 for the latest update. Ran ocvalidate to check my config.plist. Only error returned was the the one below. I don't seem to have an "Extras" directory? All USB ports are working, but I'm not sure what I need to do, if anything? Thanks in advance for any insight.
  12. BillG66

    Temporary Fix for 11.3 - Not Sure What to Do Next?

    So, to eliminate error messages I was getting after updating to OC 0.6.8, I used OC-Gen-X to create a new 0.6.8 config.plist, opened it in Proper Tree, and used the snapshot feature to capture my ACPI files (including my USB SSDT). Then I updated to 11.3, and realized I had lost some USB ports...
  13. BillG66

    OC Config.plist Question

    Hi. I'm updating from OC 0.6.6 to OC 0.6.8. I ran the OC Config Compare against the Sample, and found that I'm in good shape, except for one difference: config.plist -> DeviceProperties -> Add - Missing Key: PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1b,0x0) Do I truly need to add this? Or if I've been running fine...
  14. BillG66

    Unable to verify my version of Open Core

    Hey, guys... I'm a bit flummoxed. I've got OpenCore working on my Hack, and it boots and updates just fine... but I can't verify which version of OpenCore I'm on. I don't see a version number at boot. When I use Hackintool, it shows me I'm on version "0.0.0," which I know can't be right. I just...
  15. BillG66

    Did not find config.plist/quirks. Fatal Error System Halted.

    Guys, I'm freaking... had some app issues today on my main system, went to restart and got the above message. Have attempted to boot from my backup disk... I get to the Clover screen and whether I select my main drive or my backup drive, I just get the Apple logo... no progress bar or anything...
  16. BillG66

    << Solved >> Does anyone know where I can download a working version of the Sierra Installer?

    The one I download by going through the back door into the App Store says it's damaged and cannot install. :(
  17. BillG66

    High Sierra Optiplex 780 Freezes on Wake From Sleep

    I recently got High Sierra up and running on my Optiplex 780. It runs surprisingly smoothly. I was experiencing a black screen on wake from sleep, but did some Googling and found that for the Optiplex 780 from El Capitan up, I should NOT inject ATI, as it will result in the black screen issue...
  18. BillG66

    High Sierra Installation Problem on Optiplex 780

    Hello. I hope someone can help. I have been attempting for days to install High Sierra on my Optiplex 780. The guide I followed led me perfectly to installation, including a rollback of the AMDRaedonx3000.kext, AMDRadeonX3000GLDriver, IOAccelerator2D.plugin and IOAcceleratorFamily2.kext, which...
  19. BillG66

    Catalina Sleep Issue

    After I installed the 10.15.4 supplemental update, everything was going fine... Sleep worked normally for nearly a month. Then all of a sudden this week, it wouldn't go to sleep by itself. I could manually put it to sleep, and it would wake fine (although in one instance, wake from sleep caused...
  20. BillG66

    iPhone won’t sync?

    I tried to sync my iPhone for the first time in Catalina the other day, and got a message along the lines of “Syncing could not be completed because iPhone sync failed to start.” Anyone else experience this? Any idea what could be the problem? Thanks!