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  1. brownin

    Powermac G3 Revamp

    Powermac G4 Revamp Skip to page 2 for the final build photos if you want spoilers, if not then happy reading my progress! :) After looking at all these amazing G5 conversions, I thought I'd have a go at it myself. eBay was not being kind to me for a long time, everyone wanted a whole lot more...
  2. brownin

    brownin's Build - Core i7-2600K – Z68X-UD3H (U1H) - AMD 6870

    brownin's Build - Core i7-2600K – Z68X-UD3H (U1H) - AMD 6870 – 16GB RAM - 240GB SSD - 10.7.4 Component List Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H ATX DDR3 2133 LGA 1155 Motherboards Intel Core i7 2600K Processor 3.4 Ghz 4 Core LGA 1155...
  3. brownin

    BIOS CPU temp problem

    ASUS P557D It used to be fine, now all of a sudden it thinks my CPU is at a constant 93C, even after first turning it on. Any ideas?
  4. brownin

    brownin Build-i5-760/ASUS P7P55D/8GB RAM/AMD 6870/10.7.3

    brownin's Build - Core i5-760 – ASUS P7P55D - 8GB RAM – AMD 6870 – 10.7.3 Lion Component List. ASUS Socket 1156/Intel P55/CrossFireX/A&GbE/ATX Motherboard P7P55 LX SAPPHIRE...
  5. brownin

    6870 - works 100% with unibeast, not with chimera - SOLVED

    After partitioning another hardrive just for testing, my ATi 6870 works 100% during the installation of Lion (i.e. booted using Unibeast before installing multibeast) As soon as I install my dsdt, kexts and all that jazz, i get bad acceleration. Tried 10.7.0 + 10.7.2 and 10.7.3, all the same...
  6. brownin

    Strangest 6870 Bug - solved

    Okay so, sapphire 1GB 6870, rocking 3 screens, seems fine. 1 DVI - 1 HDMI - 1 Display port The only strange thing is, the whole system is insanely laggy unless I use the app Fireplace. Once fireplace is running the acceleration is back to normal and theres no lag. I also get lag when using...
  7. brownin

    Hiding all of those DSStore files from Windows

    Quick and easy, sorry if it has been posted before! While I'm searching through my Windows partition, I found it annoying that every folder I had previously searched through on Mac has a .DS_Store file. No point deleting them as they just come back again the second you access them from your...
  8. brownin

    Lag/Bad quality HDMI output problem

    I followed the guide to enabling HDMI audio output through DSDT and it works, its just really laggy. I tried not running any other programs while playing through iTunes, but it keeps jumping like a scratched disc - not sure how else to describe it. EDIT: Also just noticed, its not just the...
  9. brownin

    Booting from second PCI-E slot

    I'm using a ATI 6950 2GB at the moment, and i've managed to get full resolution but no luck with acceleration yet (QE/CI). I used to run Snow Leopard using a Nvidia 9800GT which used to work perfectly. I tried putting the 9800GT in the second PCI-E slot, Windows has no problem with it what so...
  10. brownin

    GUIDE - How to Multiboot Snow Leopard and Windows

    I recently purchased this fantastic laptop and made it a quest to dual boot both operating systems. I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in this method but I thought I would be nice. Basically, the steps are, partition the hardrive, install Mac Osx, then windows, then fix chimera. You...
  11. brownin

    Closing the lid

    I'm not sure if anyone else has this problem but when i close the lid on my Probook and open it again, I've just got a black screen. Is there anyway i can change a setting or edit a file so that when i close the laptop lid is does nothing?
  12. brownin

    Ralink Wireless Card Compatibility

    Been scouting across this forum, cant seem to find anything regarding this. I'm from the UK, and it turns out getting hold of the correct HP Probook 4530s model for a fully working hackintosh is quite difficult, as they all seem to be in the USA, and most companies dont want to ship overseas...
  13. brownin

    ATI 6950 2GB/ Full Resolution/ Dual monitor (10.6.8)

    This is the HD 6950 IceQ X Turbo 2GB and how i managed to get this. Full resolution on multiple monitors, but at the moment, no ability to watch videos or anything like that (no acceleration). Quite a simple process to get there although I will skip some steps. 1 - Make sure your running...