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  1. uukk

    AirPlay to HomePod not working in Big Sur

    AirPlay in Music app could see the HomePod but can't connect to it: "The AirPlay device “Soggiorno” cannot be found on your network. Please verify your network settings and AirPlay configuration or select another device." On 10.15 I was able to stream audio from my Mac to HomePod. I have a clean...
  2. uukk

    Yosemite GA-Z68X-UD4-B3 USB3 Etron EJ168 not working

    I have tried the Universal by Zenith432 on MultiBeast 7.0 and the latest of RehabMan but not working. I can see the USB3 port in System Information: Bus SuperSpeed USB 3.0: Posizione controller host: USB integrata Driver controller host: GenericUSBXHCI ID dispositivo PCI: 0x7023...
  3. uukk

    High pitched noise from USB speaker CPU related...

    Today I have switched to Gigabyte Z68X-UD4-B3 with i7-2600K processor but I have some problem. I hear a high pitched noise from my Bose USB speaker system (Companion 5) sometime and if I "wake up" the CPU the noise gone (for example if I open a youtube video). I have tried to disable C1 e C5/C6...
  4. uukk

    Unibeast USB from Lion

    It is possible to create a USB installer media with Unibeast from Lion and not from Snow Leopard machine?
  5. uukk

    Best new graphic card?

    I'm to change my Asus 5870 with new one, wich card are full Lion compatible without any tweak or modification? I like to use DP to for my monitor. Any suggestion are welcome. ATI o NVidia no preference.
  6. uukk

    new BIOS F11c

    I have a GA-P55-UD5 mobo whit Intel SSD, there is a new beta BIOS F11c "Improve SSD compatibility" say the Gigabyte site. It is possible to put in my mobo and still to use the DSDT for F10 BIOS version? many regards
  7. uukk


    Please Tony this file is missing: Public/ many regards
  8. uukk

    [SOLVED] HD5870 black screen on boot (no signal)

    Sorry for the double post: I have just replace my damned GTX460 instead a Asus 5870 I have make a fresh install with the last iBoot version and after apply Multibeast 3.2 at the next reboot the screen go black (no video signal) just before the login. After press the power button for sleep and...
  9. uukk

    GA-P55-UD5 some USB problem after wake-up

    Sometime some USB port of my board don't be ready after wake-up. Especially the mouse and the keyboard are always ready but the BOSE audio link to USB sometime don't be up. In the same way the printer in the another USB port. I have try to exchange the ports but the result it's the same. Not a...
  10. uukk

    Switching from i5-750 to i7-870

    I plan to switch to Intel Core i7 - 870 from my previous Core i5 - 750. The only thing what I do is: - run Multibeast and select "System Utilities" and "smbios.plist" -> "Mac Pro" -> "Core i7" reboot... It is correct? fabry
  11. uukk

    GTX 275 instead of 260

    I have a EVGA 260 GTX and work grate. Can I change with 275 GTX (in my case ENGTX275/2DI/896MD3 Asus model) without do anything in my system? Have the GTX 275 full native support (10.6.4) like my 260 GTX? Many thanks...
  12. uukk

    No audio after 10.6.4 + MultiBeast (GA-P55-UD5)

    Hi guys, i'm just installed the SL in my system but after apply 10.6.4 and MultiBeast (I've watch the proper video for my mobo) with DSDT.aml for BIOS F10. After the installation of 10.6.0 the audio works fine but now in the System Profile I see: High Definition Audio Intel 885 this is wrong...