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  1. Gogeta-Blue

    [Guide] How to Change About This Mac Picture on macOS

    i been very busy but i still have all the files my problem was that i had sip enable that's why it wasn't working after i update to BS 11.5 later today then i will try again
  2. Gogeta-Blue

    Official List of Apple Macs that can run macOS Monterey

    while intel macs will be able to run mac os monterey, some features will not be available, we are not talking about t2 chips features, my best guess is that the m1 chip has some intructions or features that intel cpu doesn’t have, either that or simply apple is doing it on purpose to force users...
  3. Gogeta-Blue

    Apple Previews macOS 12 Monterey - Available Fall 2021

    yes they cared about privacy so much that apple own tech repair employees post personal videos of the costumers who took their phone in for repair instead of just repairing the phone, they started looking at the personal files and posted some videos, i’m not going to say or write what was the...
  4. Gogeta-Blue

    [Guide] How to Change About This Mac Picture on macOS

    I just finished building this new system and I moved from clover to open core in clover I always had sip disable, so I forgot or assumed that sip was disable in the open core system but is not, big mistake, is enable, no wonder anyway, this will be my last post until I finish the job or until...
  5. Gogeta-Blue

    [Guide] How to Change About This Mac Picture on macOS

    I'm able to open the file but I'm not able to see or find the system logo section I found another app that is also able to open the file but the system logo section is missing I don't know if apple change the location or simply the apps can see or find the system logo section unless that section...
  6. Gogeta-Blue

    [Guide] How to Change About This Mac Picture on macOS

    I just found a patched version of theme engine that works on the latest version of Big Sur 11.4 I tested and it works this is the link the other version crashed when you try to use it but the one I posted works, it doesn't crash
  7. Gogeta-Blue

    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte C246-WU4 and C246N-WU2 workstation(-lite) motherboards

    i have another system a z490, i was going for the z590 when it first came out but i wasn’t sure if that chipset was going to work on hackintosh because the new igpu and cpu architecture, but it seems i did good by getting the z490 with an 10900k instead of a z590 with an 11900k, the reason why i...
  8. Gogeta-Blue

    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte C246-WU4 and C246N-WU2 workstation(-lite) motherboards

    thank you for all the info, it was very helpful, it really helped me a lot, i’m writing this message for 2 reasons, 1 or first is obviously to thank you and the 2nd one is to informe you and others that i do have the mini board that you mentioned at the end of your post and the board does indeed...
  9. Gogeta-Blue

    [Success] AMD RX6000 Series working in macOS

    i have a pair of 5700’s xt waiting for a new motherboard to arrive, probably some time next week, amazon is very slow some times, well actually most of the time lol, anyway by the time the new board arrives most likely the new version of big sur will be out by then, just in case the board that i...
  10. Gogeta-Blue

    Name the Next macOS (12.0)

    mac os everest mac os grand canyon now seriously, i think is time to move away from mountains, just like apple move away from felines names, i think is time fir something else, like mac os dolphin or better yet, use galaxies names, like mac os andromeda
  11. Gogeta-Blue

    Name the Next macOS (12.0)

    mac os doors
  12. Gogeta-Blue

    Name the Next macOS (12.0)

    mac os who cares lol really while a good name might sound good i think apple priority should be making a stable system, i think apple should stop doing or realeasing an os every year, why? because, when they finally start reaching stability then they want to start all over again, simply because...
  13. Gogeta-Blue

    Name the Next macOS (12.0)

    exactly that should be the right way to do it, at least from now on they should drop the naming, the same way, they droped the X it should be just mac os
  14. Gogeta-Blue

    Name the Next macOS (12.0)

    little norte
  15. Gogeta-Blue

    Name the Next macOS (12.0)

    i think they should stop using names, what’s the point? the wallpaper, if you look at any other os, what identify the os is the number version ios 14 apple doesn’t use any names for ios, ipad os, watch os etc but i guess is a tradition that’s why they do it it doesn’t matter what they call...
  16. Gogeta-Blue

    Installation on Gigabyte's Z490 Aorus Master

    just in case, there is a firmware update for the lan on aorus page, go to the board download section and download the firmware but it needs to be apply using windows it fixes some issues with the lan i’m sure after updating the firmware the lan will work much better on mac os too my board...
  17. Gogeta-Blue

    Z490 & Z590 - Will Z590 ever have macOS Support ?

    yes 10th gen will work on z590 motherboards
  18. Gogeta-Blue

    macOS 11.2 Update

    waiting on web drivers :lol:
  19. Gogeta-Blue

    Apple has stopped providing standalone updaters in macOS Big Sur

    this is my last comment about this topic for me is a bad move by apple, it shows that big sur has a software limitation unless they did it on purpose and apple is using the sofware “reason” as an excuse to hide the real reason big sur villiance this is my opinion a few will agree and many...