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  1. jonnyboo6777

    macOS Sierra compatibility

    From a quick glance, your setup seems fine. Though, I'd make a full backup if there's anything important on any connected drives during the installation.
  2. jonnyboo6777

    [Guide] Sierra on a ThinkPad T410 with nVidia Graphics

    A while ago I had El Capitan installed on my T520 (dropped it for Linux, recently decided to triple-boot MacOS with Linux and Windows). I did some fiddling with AML (or whatever it is called. Ill edit this later if it isn't) and got the battery percentage working to a point. Only even battery...
  3. jonnyboo6777

    Lenovo T520 Unibeast Boot Hung

    Okay, so I followed your guide on patching the DSDT for battery status (although, it seemed pretty easy since there was only a couple of 16bit references and no other references over 8bit) and that didn't work... Here's the information from following the Problem Reporting instructions...
  4. jonnyboo6777

    Lenovo T520 Unibeast Boot Hung

    Thanks. Took a few attempts but I was able to install Sierra and got everything working except from the battery percentage (and probably some other things that I haven't noticed). I've looked around for a while now for a fix and tried modifying my DSDT to no avail. Is there any way to go about...
  5. jonnyboo6777

    Lenovo T520 Unibeast Boot Hung

    After several attempts and installing macOS Sierra to a 128GB flash drive (30GB partition for Unibeast since Unibeast wouldn't accept the whole device) and followed the installation instructions I receive the following messages in verbose mode: DSMOS has arrived Prevent idle sleep list...
  6. jonnyboo6777

    Mavericks hangs on NVDAStartup: Official

    My hackintosh does not boot (in standard mode. It boots fine in safe mode) after installing Mavericks. Yosemite doesn't work because of some incompatibility issues. I have tried many boot flags (I'm willing to try some more though :P). CPU - Intel i3-3330 (I think) GPU - Nvidia GeForce GT 610...