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  1. aceboy69

    Graphics Choppy and Laggy in Big Sur

    I don't believe this is possible unless there is some clever way - there is a setting in the BIOS but I think if it detects a card in, then it will always use this. (I have almost exact same issues but with Catalina as well.)
  2. aceboy69

    Catalina audio with ALC1150 on 100 series motherboard

    I've been trying everything here to get the audio and/or a second monitor to work (which did work with one combination) but with no luck. I currently have the 3 kexts listed, downloaded into both locations 10.15 and 'other'
  3. aceboy69

    Apple Unveils Redesigned Mac Pro Desktop and Pro Display XDR at WWDC

    Utterly ridiculous, elitist price tag - 'normal' people will never be able to afford this even if they wanted to.
  4. aceboy69

    [Solved] Clover Suddently Slowed Down

    Thank you all - this resolved my slow booting also. Does anyone know why this happened though ? For me the same as others - it just started Sllooowwwww booting for no apparent reason a couple of weeks ago maybe ? (July 18) I've not played with the system, or changed any settings, I just boot it...
  5. aceboy69

    [solved]No sound after wake High Sierra ALC1150

    Hi all, I followed the info here, as I have the same issue and I have tried both L/E and S/L/E but when I reboot, there is no sound output option shown in the control and thus no audio at all. I can install the default ALC1150 drivers in Multibeast and these work, but as stated, from sleep...
  6. aceboy69

    M.2 NVMe drive

    I put them at the bottom of the request.
  7. aceboy69

    M.2 NVMe drive

    Hi guys, I have a fresh install of 10.13.5 on a new Corsair MP500 M.2 disk (NVMe) with a read speed of 'up to' 3000mb/sec - boots nicely as well :) Now the Black Magic disk speed tester I have reports a read of around 700 odd - which is good and noticeably faster than my previous SSD .. but...
  8. aceboy69

    [Solved] Scrambled/Fuzzy Icons (random/intermittent/recurring) on Sierra

    Simply disabling onboard graphics worked for me too - many thanks. :)
  9. aceboy69

    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS Sierra 10.12.2 (367.15.10.25)

    Many thanks to both you and Pilgrim - after reading your post I did a search for the driver mentioned and found a BETA that I was able to install and from there update to the 346.03.15f05. I am always wary of updates but had no idea a 'security' update could change the version on the OS thus...
  10. aceboy69

    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS Sierra 10.12.2 (367.15.10.25)

    Can I ask - I have a hackintosh still on El Capitan, and 3 screens on 2 GTX 960's which worked fine until yesterday ... I did a security update from Apple in the usual update apps bit and on rebooting it only showed one monitor, and prompted to update the nvidia drivers. It said it couldnt...