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  1. samisnake

    G5 cpu panel wall clock

    had the panel covering the cpu spare, so thought id turn it into a clock. was cheap to do (around £1.40 for the clock mechanism) and only took a couple minutes to fit the bits together.
  2. samisnake

    Hackintosh Rap!

    randomly came across this video on youtube. this guys a BAWSE
  3. samisnake

    Flash Modified Roms on Unsupported Motherboards

    In order to optimize systems for OS X, many users of non-Gigabyte motherboards flash a modified UEFI. For users of Asus H77, B75 and certain Z77 boards without the USB Flashback feature, there is now a method to allow you to flash modified roms. Thanks to Flashrom and SJ_UnderWater's...
  4. samisnake

    PodBeast - a Podcast about our experience at

    :headbang: listening now
  5. samisnake

    Modified UEFI Rom FAQ

    These are some of the most frequently asked questions I see in relation to modified/patched bioses. Which brands need a modified bios? Asus, Asrock, MSI, Foxconn, Zotac and Biostar. Essentially any board which uses UEFI, apart from Gigabyte. brycv has found that there isn't a way to...
  6. samisnake

    Modified roms flashable on Asus Z77/H77

    Up until recently, modified roms for Asus Z77 and H77 roms could not be flashed do to checks performed just before the firmware is updated. Thanks to a post by Guntars, it is now clear that the method to bypass these security checks is to use the USB FlashBack feature available on Asus 7 Series...
  7. samisnake

    tonymacx86 Forum on OpenStep 4.2

    Screen Shot 2012-05-28 at 09.07.54.png its still better than using windows
  8. samisnake

    the only gigabyte board i would buy....

  9. samisnake

    New build... computer resets when ram is put in

    take a picture of how much paste is on the cpu/heatsink, as well as listing which paste you used. note if the paste is on anything other than the top of the cpu and on the bottom of the heatsink. if you used silver based paste, its possible that the excess paste seeped onto something which...
  10. samisnake

    [Guide] Asus P8H61-M LE, Pentium G620, 8600GT- Budget Build

    just put together a dirt cheap build, so thought id put together a little guide for it. Parts Asus P8H61-M LE Pentium G620 2gb Corsair DDR3 Nvidia 8600GT 256MB What you need First of all youll need OSX of some form. Either the Snow Leopard disc, or a Unibeast stick you made on another...
  11. samisnake

    what i felt it was like when making my first hackintosh....
  12. samisnake

    Asus 1155 Patched BIOS Repository

    Power Management on Asus 1155 Motherboards Click for more info- Asus locked part of their UEFI bioses, which results in a kernel panic when booting into OSX The ways to sort this are to use one of these...
  13. samisnake

    Gray Screen when installing MacOS UpdCombo ... -1068.html install, then run updatehelper, then restart, then do the combo update+multibeast
  14. samisnake

    samisnake's P8P67 Deluxe - 2500K - 6850 - G5 Build

    samisnake Build: P8P67 Deluxe - 2500K - Radeon HD 6850 Apple G5 Case Mod ASUS 1155 P8P67 DELUXE REV 3.0 S/L [amazon-uk][/amazon-uk] Intel i5-2500K Unlocked Core i5 Quad-Core Processor...
  15. samisnake

    intel reveals ivy bridge performance numbers to partners

    2600 vs 3770
  16. samisnake

    GTS 450 or HD5770???

    gaming performance wise, the 5770 is the better card. support in mac, the 5770 is the better card
  17. samisnake

    Sleep in Lion- screen doesn't wake, and cmos reset

    so i had a 4870, and sleep didnt work. no problem, i thought. its just the card. little while later i buy a 5770, which should work with sleep. it doesnt. computer goes to sleep, but it cant wake up. have to force shutdown by holding the power button. on turning it back on, the bios post...
  18. samisnake

    increasing primary partition size?

    got lion installed on my 1tb hard drive. have 2 partitions, 500gb each on that drive. want to expand the lion partition to make it full sized, as in i want lion to be on a 1tb partition, rather than the 500gb it is now. cant seem to increase it though. did it in disk utility inside lion-didnt...
  19. samisnake

    10.6.8-slight delay in playing audio

    since 10.6.8, ive noticed that there is a slight delay in playing any audio. for example, watching streaming video. you hit play, the video will start, but the audio isnt on. a second later, the video will freeze and the audio will kick in. the audio and video are in sync, its just the initial...
  20. samisnake

    need a firewire card

    looking for a firewire card which will be connected to an external soundcard. have a card atm, which is recognised in system profiler, however it does not recognise anything plugged in. have narrowed down a couple chipsets (agere fw323-06, via vt6307) but cant find any solid information about a...