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  1. mx9k

    iMessage not working completely in El Capitan

    Hi all I have a new build z97x-ud5h and iMessage is not running as it should. I am set to iMac 14,2, and set my custom ROM and MLB values, and can login to iMessage. However, I can't actually send messages. When I try, it shows that it will only send to a registered email address and not a...
  2. mx9k

    P55M-UD2 no USB

    I used Tonymac's sample config.plist to boot into the El Capitan installer. I got through the installation ok and was able to boot to the desktop. However, I have no USB and no Bluetooth using a genuine Apple Broadcom card. The wifi works and connects. I used the terminal to copy my old...
  3. mx9k

    Slow USB speeds with Clover

    Has anyone had USB speed issues when using Clover? With Chimera, I had USB 2.0 speeds. With Clover, it appears that I'm only getting USB 1.1 throughput. P55M-UD2
  4. mx9k

    Stuck at gray screen with mouse pointer

    Post Installation - Stuck at gray screen with mouse pointer The unibeast installation went well, but I can't actually get into the installed OS. When the computer first boots, it gets past the apple logo, and hangs at the gray screen with the mouse pointer. I have tried verbose mode, but...