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  1. franzosx86

    Asus UX305

    Hi guys, Anyone that would like or tried to install High Sierra on this machine? I've Sierra installed right now, but not tested HD yet. If you have any hints or suggestions please post here.
  2. franzosx86

    Webcam Logitech C270 no microphone

    Hi all, my webcam logitech C270 worked well when i had install my hackintosh. The microphone was detected as "Unknown USB..." but it worked! Two weeks ago i updated my hack to 10.8.3 but i didn't try mic up to yesterday. I've only two (fake?) mic in Settings > Sound: "Internal Mic" and "Input"...
  3. franzosx86

    Atlantis A02-PCIE1-W3000N

    Hi guys, i've this WiFi PCIE card Atlantis A02-PCIE1-W3000N but it doesn't work with ML. Is there a kext for it? If not, what PCIE i should buy? Is there big difference from a PCI Express and a USB? P.S. Now i'm using PdaNet+ with my Android smartphone but it has big latency!