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  1. mamPHP

    << Solved >> Realtek RTL8111 issues

    Good news :) With opencore and some changes, now everything working without Internet. The kext is loading during the installation and downloaded the big sure from reinstall. But after boot can't connect. I've downloaded the other kext from RehabMan still the same. EFI folder also attached...
  2. mamPHP

    << Solved >> Display 7MB!!

    Hi again, disabling inject intel won't boot! enabling it shows just Display 7MB then change GFX0 to IGPU is the same ...etc. Tried alot of "FIX# no success at all. Thanks in advance EDIT: with opencore and iGPU patch working fine. the only thing missing is blank screen after SLEEP or LOGOUT...
  3. mamPHP

    UHD 630 trouble after upgrade!!

    Hi, Maybe 50 + reboot since Catalina upgrade to get my GPU running, but without any successs. I've tried to many solition from the forum search and google, still the same. That's why here is my EFI and hope someone tell me whats goes wrong or whats should i do?! Thanks in advance
  4. mamPHP

    Convert macbook pro to NVMe PCIe?

    Hi, Bought damaged macbook pro 2015 13", the disk is from samsung 16x12 pin and works fine in the usb case. Do i have possibility to use this disk in my case in the M.2 Connector with adapter. If yes, which one for this model. And do i have same performance as inside macbook (write,read) Thanks...
  5. mamPHP

    << Solved >> Why just 2130MHz instead of 3000MHz!

    Hi, Why is not more available than 2130MHz from my G.Skill Aegis DDR4 3000MHz 2x8GB. Regards
  6. mamPHP

    << Solved >> Stuck at logo loading - Z370P D3 - F15a

    Hi, Created 3 usb installed with unibeast for HighSierra, Mojave and Catalina. None of them can load the installer after last BIOS F15a. Even the installed one can't load any more! Regards
  7. mamPHP

    << Solved >> Glitch graphics and too slow boot

    Hi, I've been in other threads and used imac 17,1, 18,1 and 14,2 but still booting very very slowly specially at apple bootsplash and glitches graphic (green/yellow). Otherwise everything works perfectly. Thanks in advance FIX: I couldn't boot stuck at apple logo. Then booted with the...
  8. mamPHP

    << Solved >> [SOLVED] successfully installation on Z370P D3, But?!

    It was not easy first time with modern bios setting and interface like Gigabyte Z370P D3 :) But is done. I followed this howto but still no audio. And the usb 3 ports working as usb2 and doesn't mount usb3 sticks. And About this mac doesn't show the CPU generation! Edit: 1. Audio both HDMI and...
  9. mamPHP

    << Solved >> Z370P D3 installation issues!

    Hi, Just bought via your link in amazon and ATX Z370P D3. The bios has too many things that doesn't match with your installation guide. Other OS doesn't exist CFG-Lock doesn't exist Secure Boot Mode doesn't exist Then i've created and usb installer for mojave ones with/without Legacy and...
  10. mamPHP

    USB 3.0 bus issues with 10.13.6

    Hi, After last update to 10.13.6 the usb 3.0 ports doesn't work any more. Any solution or kex for that missing? Thanks in Advance
  11. mamPHP

    Is it worth to upgrade CPU and RAM?

    Hi, Rendering taking too long on my device otherwise all other things working smooth and almost perfect. Is it worth to upgrade CPU and RAM? if yes which one? and do i need fresh install again or just some small edit in config.plist? Thanks in advance
  12. mamPHP

    Micro HFX case!!

    Hi, I have an Micro HFX case at home is (24cmX23cm and 8cm high). It's possible to build inside this small case a mini mac? Regards
  13. mamPHP

    Autoboot on 2 hards!

    Hi, Have two ssd with Sierra and HighSierra. If install linux with grub2 or even with windows. Then Restart >>> Booting without problem. But if both are mac, i should press F10 to choose the boot drive and select on of them. Otherwise i get black screen! My question is, why grub2 and winboot...
  14. mamPHP

    [Solved] Too many boot option!!

    Hi, Have two ssd with Sierra and other one with high sierra. As you see in the high sierra is two options more than sierra. Both also booting to high sierra login just little bit longer. Are they necessary or i can remove them, if yes how? Regards
  15. mamPHP

    Can't wake after sleep GT 710!

    Hi, The only issue right now is waking after sleep. The machine starts actually but not fully (the LED power blinking) but the display is still black. I've installed CsmVideoDX but still the same! Regards
  16. mamPHP

    Any successfull installation on intel DH67BL?

    Hi, I've used last unibeast version and everything work fine until third reboot. Suddenly the boot loader couldn't find the hardrive just shows EXTERNAL section as the first time before installation!! Any one has the same motherboard+GPU and installed high sierra on it? Regards
  17. mamPHP

    Kernel Panic after 10.13.3 Supplemental Update!

    Hi, I'm running Sierra on internal SSD and HighSierra on other internal SSD. I got some issues after last update. 1. During booting i have too many section as you see below. 2. Without pin i got kernel panic can't find the HighSierra disk. 3. Even edited the config.plis to load nvidia native...
  18. mamPHP

    [SOLVED] Unable to format the HARD!

    Hi, I've tried with putting AppleAHCIPort.kext to /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other on my USB installer. But i got the same Error during formatting the SSD hard. But with Sierra installer working like a charm. What should i putt in to my usb installer to format the drive? Thank you in advance --- FIX ---...
  19. mamPHP

    Autoboot doesn't work!

    Hi, I'm using just one hard to Sierra and in config.plist the Volume is correct. But i need to press the F10 to get boot menu then select the hard .. booting to mac. here is the boot in config.plist i tried with 0 timeout is the same: <key>Boot</key> <dict> <key>Arguments</key>...
  20. mamPHP

    No internet, Audio, Siri ..etc

    Hi, Installation guide working fine with. But after mutlibeast build and install no more internet, audio and siri. Just graphic working out of the box. Intel DH67BL GTX 750 SSD kingston Regards