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  1. iapaus

    Graphic issue multi monitor UHD630 and NVIDIA QUADRO K420

    hi everyone I'm running OpenCore 0.6.6. with Catalina 10.15.7 I experiencing issue trying to use both UHD630 iGPU and Nvidia Quadra K420 dGPU I setup iGPU as primary graphics card and multi monitor option enabled while booting both monitors works fine but after booting process the monitor...
  2. iapaus

    USB 3.1 Gen1 OpenCore Catalina ASUS Prime Z490-A issue?

    Hi every1 trying to connect my brand new audio interface via USB 3.1 Gen1 certified cable to the USB 3.1 Gen1 port of my ASUS Prime Z490-A MB. The system was not able to recognize the hardware above... seems like if the 3.1 Gen1 port was not working... Please Any1 could tell me if there is...
  3. iapaus

    << Solved >> Display Issues with Safari and Chrome in OpenCore Catalina Installation

    hi all I have some issues in the right visualization of all displayed items in Safari and Chrome where some software GUI doesn't show all the elements,... an so on. I ran VDADecoderChecker that returned the following error: VDADecoderCreate failed. err: -12473 An error was returned by the...
  4. iapaus

    Unable to Configurate Network LAN Access in System Configuration->Network in Catalina

    H,i all! I have: - Catalina working fine under OpenCore 0.6.7 - Controller Ethernet port Intel I225-V working fine in Windows (see attached photo) I'm trying to connect into Catalina. I have from System Configuration->Network the screen showing in the attached photo Unfortunately I'm unable...
  5. iapaus

    Compatibility of Clover, Mojave and Comet Lake on ASUS Z490-A

    hi all is it possibile to build this system? Clover, Mojave and Comet Lake on Asus Z490-A, iGPU HUD 630 thx in advance for your valuable advices iApaus
  6. iapaus

    Can’t reach Catalina installer from USB

    Hi I already had succes in building Hackintosh high sierra on Asus Intel platform but now I'm trying to get the hackintosh working on my new PC so I did everything from the installation guide but when I press the installation button in the clover boot, I get Apple logo only and nothing is...