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  1. nhieu9200

    Graphic glitch - HD 3000 graphic

    Hi, I'm using 4430s with onbard graphic HD 3000, fresh install 10.11 follow exactly this guide My screen usually has glitch line, look like this I tried EC reset but not...
  2. nhieu9200

    Sleep not work with El Caption and Probook 4430s

    Hi, I'm using 4430s with onboard graphic HD 3000. I follow this guide Everything work well but Sleep seem like not works. When I lid off the laptop or press Sleep function...
  3. nhieu9200

    Window's shadow

    Im using 10.10.4 and Generic RGB Profile. I have problem with window's shadow each time move the window. U can see that in the screenshot, after the "translate_tabs_to_spaces", the screen more black. Sorry about my english :crazy:
  4. nhieu9200

    Can I leave my laptop sleep a long time

    Hi, Im using 4430s run Yosemite with PBI lastest. Over a month ago, if i leave the laptop sleep about 2-3 hours, laptop got black sceen, other function still working, i still hear sound while increase volume. Now, i reinstall Yosite and want to know how to fix that problem. Maybe disable...
  5. nhieu9200

    Blank screen after sleep

    As title, my laptop got blank screen after wakeup from sleep mode. Anyone got this problem? :shock:
  6. nhieu9200

    Will Time Machine works well?

    Hi guys. I have a question, if using time machine, everything will back and work well like new install? I mean dont need re-install kexts, clover ... again ? :P
  7. nhieu9200

    Sound has problem

    Hi, sorry about my english. :-( I installed 10.9.4 with Clover boot. Everything run well but Audio has problem If not plugged in headphone, output (in Sound setting) shows Internal Speakers, when I plugged in headphone, nothing happend and output still shows Internal Speakers. Keep plugged in...
  8. nhieu9200

    How to use 1366x768 resolution starting screen

    Hi guys, when my laptop starting OS X, the apple icon really very bad :roll:, screen look like 1024x768 resolution. How to change it to 1366x768? Im using OS X UEFI with Clover.
  9. nhieu9200

    Do u play game on Mavericks

    Hi guys, do u think Hackintosh can play game ? ( like DotA2, Counter Strike, Team Fortress ỏ something else ... )
  10. nhieu9200

    Sometime sound not work

    Hi guys, i have trouble with sound. Sometime sound stop working, i can not hear anything, in sound setting, i still see the sound card at Output. its work back after me close laptop lid and login again. I tried reset EC. What I must do now ?
  11. nhieu9200

    What should I do after install Mavericks

    Hello, Im a newbie First, sorry about English, its not good. I installed Mavericks on my ProBook 4430s ( i3 - 2330M ) with this tutorial My Laptop run Mavericks verywell, thanks guys make this...