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  1. hauntix

    Mojave 10.14.6 on a HP envy x360 Shutdown issues

    Hi so I have a near perfectly running Hackintosh but I've come across 2 issues: - HDMI display is not being detected - When I try to shut down the screen goes black but the laptop is still running (backlit keyboard stays on, fans still running) I've tried searching to see if anyone else has...
  2. hauntix

    High Sierra hangs on shutdown

    Hi i searched the forums and couldn't find anything helpful. Ever since ive install high sierra i have been unable to fully shutdown, upon trying it logs out of mac but it shows a complete black screen and the computer is still on even after waiting for a half hour. I've enabled the...
  3. hauntix

    Intel UHD 620 graphics

    I have tried the frame buffer patch booting with an invalid id and clearing the cache and rebooting with the correct id but I still am having issues with the graphics Im also a bit lost as to how to get working battery status
  4. hauntix

    [Solved] Toshiba Satellite S55T HD 5500 Graphics issue

    Hi I am a hackintosh noob but i was able to get el capitan on my laptop with working audio and graphics and the other day i decided to update to high sierra and was able to install it fine with the exception that my graphics aren't working anymore :( I tried clearing out the kext cache and...