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  1. dilog

    keyboard gone!

    Hi I installed MultiBeast 3.10.1 in a Snow Leopard Acer 5610 laptop and I loosed the keyboard although with a usb keyboard I could do the job. I just wander why this could happen? The only parameters in Multibeast I touched were the EasyBeast install, the tonymacx86 classic Theme and the...
  2. dilog

    Lenovo ideapad 320S

    Is there a known compatibility for a Lenovo ideapad 320S? Should I even try to install a Snow Leopard or Mavericks on it?
  3. dilog

    Mavericks Install on HP HDX16

    I only have 10.6.3 on Acer Aspire 5610 and want to build a USB install in order to install Mavericks on a HP HDX16. Is it possible?
  4. dilog

    Maverick Install on USB

    I only have 10.6.3 on Acer Aspire 5610 and want to build a USB install in order to install Maverick on a HP HDX16. Is it possible?
  5. dilog

    any laptop 14.1" with SSD Intel i5 or i7 compatibility?

    Please, anyone knows a laptop 14.1" with SSD Intel i5 or i7 compatible with hackintosh?
  6. dilog

    El Capitan installation on HP HDX16

    I have installed El Capitan on a USB but when I tried the option UEFI the installation shows only a dash, if i try the other option with Legacy boot install then it shows the Clover boot menu but after no opton helps. I even tried the boot flag nv_disable=1 because this notebook has nvidia...
  7. dilog

    Windows 7 cannot bot on dual boot with 10.6.3 - GUID problem?

    Hi For unknown reason Windows 7 cannot boot on a dual booting laptop (Acer aspire 5610 upgraded cpu) with Mac Os 10.6.3. the usual REPAIR method didnt work apparently because of the booting method (guid). Is there another approach to solve the problem?
  8. dilog

    mac os x 10.6.3 wont boot after upgrading windows 7

    I had 10.6.3 and Win7 Ult. booting with Multibeast and Chameleon but after upgrading Windows the hackintosh wont boot! It is there, on same hd but I can only see Windows on the boot. Any suggestions are very welcome!
  9. dilog

    Mac OS X 10.6.3 upgrade?

    I have successfully installed 10.6.3 on an Acer Aspire 5610. I tried to upgrade to 10.6.4 but then it could not boot. Is it possible to upgrade directly to some other version, like 10.6.8 or should I forget about it? The video card is Nvidia GeForce Go 7300, perhaps it is not supported in later...
  10. dilog

    backup dual boot x86 mac Sl and Windows 7?

    What is the best backup (preferably cloning) method for the dual boot x86 Mac SL and Win7 system? I actually did some searching and trial and error method and the results were quite disappointing... Is really the server method with Deploy Studio the only one? Any experience on that?
  11. dilog

    dual boot SL Win7 file:/boot/bcd error on windows 7 booting

    thanks tony! I managed to install Mac OSX SL 10.6.3 and Win7 on a Acer Aspire 5610 dual booting with Chameleon. Unfortunately I had to install the right driver for the webcamera in windows 7 and when I thought I finally had it and tried to reboot I've got really troubles: Chameleon could SL boot...