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  1. flatfoot

    << Solved >> Secondary internal HDD (HFS+) not recognised by macOS

    Hi there, I just managed to upgrade my old HTPC to High Sierra (no Mojave due to Intel HD 3000). There's just one problem: My secondary internal data drive (2TB Seagate HDD) isn't recognised at the desktop. Instead, I get an alert after a few seconds that asks me to eject or initialise the...
  2. flatfoot

    Need help getting HighPoint RocketRAID 644L to work

    Hi everybody, I haven't posted in years, but I could really need some help right now. Now that my trusted RocketRAID 2314 eSATA-card isn't supported any longer (used the Mavericks RR kexts in El Capitan), I need a replacement for it, i.e. a port multiplier ready eSATA card. According to the...
  3. flatfoot

    Corrupted DSDT in database – GA-H61M-D2H-USB3-F6

    Hi TonyMac, MacMan and everybody else, the DSDT mentioned in the title downloads as a 308Byte file instead of ~18KB. It would be awesome if someone could fix that! :thumbup: flatfoot
  4. flatfoot

    Help with DSDT creation: GA-H61M-D2H-USB3 (F6)

    I created a DSDT file for my GA-H61M-D2H-USB3 (F6) following MacMan's 1155 guide. I followed it step by step only getting stuck at the second to last step where it says: The first part of this is OK. Although there are multiple methods by that name, only one of them doesn't return 0x0F yet...
  5. flatfoot

    Some tinkering: Inexpensive boot SSD RAID0 with native TRIM

    My latest tinkering project is done. After upgrading my MBA from 64GB to 128GB (out of warranty anyway), I thought that instead of selling the 64GB for ridiculously little money it would make more sense to buy another 64GB blade and two SATA adapters for them. So I dug around a bit on eBay...
  6. flatfoot

    Audio over HDMI: HD3000 vs Palit G210 vs XFX 5450 (both p/c)

    Hi there, I'm in the process of putting together the parts list for a pure HTPC hackintosh. The question currently at hand is whether to use the HD3000 on the i3 CPU I'm going to use or a dedicated passively cooled graphics card. Which of those three in the title will give me undisturbed...
  7. flatfoot

    [SOLVED] DSDT fix for PCI Configuration Begin? [GA-P55-USB3]

    Hi there, I know the PCI Configuration Begin hang has been discussed a lot but my board just won't accept any of the fixes offered by MultiBeast – neither for 10.6.8 nor for 10.7. I remember having read a thread of a guy who figured out a few DSDT edits for my very board specifically to solve...
  8. flatfoot

    [SOLVED] Turbo enabled but ratio not shown in M.I.T. (BIOS)

    I'm running my i7-870 at its stock 2.93GHz at the moment to wait for the newly applied Arctic Silver 5 to develop its full potential. Just for fun I ran Geekbench and got a score ~9800 after a cold boot. when I looked through my old Geekbench scores I noticed that the very same setup at the same...
  9. flatfoot

    Flatfoot's Power Mac G5-i7 [DONE]

    Hi everybody, I know, everybody seems to be modding a PowerMac G5 or Mac Pro these days, but back in the day I had a Power Mac G5 (dual 2.5GHz, liquid cooled, no leaks) and, just before I built my Hack a while ago, I owned a Mac Pro 2.66 Quad, which I upgraded to an 8-core. Long story short, I...
  10. flatfoot

    Home folder on separate drive not found on boot

    Hi there, I've had an annoying problem with my hack for quite some time now and haven't been able to fix it: My hack is set to auto-login because I have EyeTV running on it, which auto-boots when there is a recording coming up. Now, every other time the machine fails to boot properly...
  11. flatfoot

    Hackintosh CPUs and GFX cards +random qs :)

    Please, do at least some research before you ask.
  12. flatfoot

    Help Snow Leopard on GA-X58A-UD3R

    Re: Help installing Snow Leopard on GA-X58A-UD3R / XFX ATI 4870 The DSDT file is mostly about the motherboard, not CPU or graphics card. You might be able to find a suitable DSDT here: ...and use iBoot ATI or iBoot Supported.
  13. flatfoot

    F9 for GA-P55-UD3

    Hi there, just noticed that the F9 BIOS has lost its beta status. Has anybody tried it yet with the F8 DSDT? I don't know jack s***t about DSDT editing but I might be willing to be the guinea-pig... If I flashed to F9, could I simply flash back to F8 if it didn't work?
  14. flatfoot

    GA-P55-UD3 - No way to set RAM voltage to 1.35V?

    Hi there, my i5-Hack is working fine now at 3.2GHz with TurboBoost and SpeedStep enabled. I'm leaving the CPU voltage settings to the motherboard ATM because I got regular KPs when I set them myself. However, in the voltage settings section of my board's BIOS, I can only set the RAM voltage in...
  15. flatfoot

    Just ordered the parts for my rig...

    So after lurking these forums for a few weeks and delving into the hackintosh realm, even giving advice to other people, I went ahead and ordered the parts for my rig last night: MoBo: GA-P55-UD3 CPU: i5-750 (to be overclocked) RAM: G.Skill ECO DIMM Kit 4GB PC3-12800U CL7-8-7-24 (DDR3-1600)...
  16. flatfoot

    Online PSU wattage calculator

    EDIT: (original post below) I found a nice, free PSU wattage calculator that takes into account just about everything about your rig: For example, for my rig (description below; plus everything else I didn't mention in the post) it recommends...
  17. flatfoot

    Is it possible to use OSX's auto-boot? (+ a few more Q's)

    This is my first post on this forum, so: Hello to everyone! ;) I have a few questions: 1. I read somewhere on the Web that it is possible to use OSX's auto-boot functionality (from the Energy Saver settings) on a Hackintosh. Is that true? I mean, that would be a great thing because it would...