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  1. myflor23

    I just need some help please.

    Hello fellow TonyMac's, I have a gigabyte z77-ds3h with and Intel i7-3370, I downloaded iBoot, purchased Mac OS X Snow Leopard CD ver. 10.6.3. The issue I'm have is that after inserting the iboot, then ejecting placing the snow leopard cd and hitting enter the Apple symbol comes on and it...
  2. myflor23

    I'm new but I need help please!

    I have a gigabyte z77-ds3h with and i7-3370. I purchased MAC OS X ver. 10.1 it's new and I not able to install. I bought it os I can upgrade it later. I tried to install the os but it does not work. Can anyone give me any ideas to fix this problem? :crazy::D