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  1. niaosuan

    Chimera 2.2.1 on Marvericks

    Anyone has any issues on chimera 2.2.1 when standalone/MultiBeast install? I need to load the boot loader through UniBeast usb every time
  2. niaosuan

    Sapphire HD5770 not working in ML

    HD5770 are not recognised by my system, 'Display 5 MB'. Anyone who had experiencing before please help?
  3. niaosuan

    help on mute fix

    anyone know how to fix mute on Realtek ALC887/888b
  4. niaosuan

    No static IP after sleep

    [SOLVED] No static IP after sleep Anyone encounter same thing with no internet connection but Ethernet is connected after sleep? using lyn2mac's driver.
  5. niaosuan

    need advice for compatible mobo

    any most compatible mobo besides GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3, have DP out.