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  1. 3apa3a

    << Solved >> Mojave Radeon 580 display port (DP) no signal. New monitor aoc U2777pqu issues

    Hello! Recently bought a new 4k monitor (aoc U2777pqu), so had to switch from dvi to other ports. The problem I have is that somehow monitor connected via hdmi port (I use legit 2.0 cable) sometimes blacks out if it is set to 60hz (50hz works just fine, but there are only 4k and 1080p options...
  2. 3apa3a

    GT 740 NVIDIA WEB driver basics question

    Hi, I have installed 10.11.5 and NVIDIA WEB driver according to my version of OS, still I can only boot with nvda_drv=1 and after I boot there are always "Native mac OS X driver selected (or smth like that, i can not tell by heart now)". I assume I am missing some basic thing here... P.S. I...
  3. 3apa3a

    [SOLVED] white noise after voodooHDA

    Hello, ALC887 problem (MOBO GA-Z170-HD3) tried to follow this guide: nicegamer7 said: ↑ Audio: Use the Clover DSDT patch found here, under the audio section. Then reboot. Mount your EFI. Run...
  4. 3apa3a

    GA-Z170-HD3 no ethernet

    Hello, After I install multibeast (there is internet before I install Multibeast -> when I boot into el capitan from my SSD) and reboot, no ethernet. I was trying to install several drivers but no luck. 1. What else to try? (tried RTL8111.kext, AppleIntelE1000e, IntelMausiEthernet and even...
  5. 3apa3a

    [solved]strange video Intel 530 / GT 740 and network coincidence

    Hi, Could anyone pls explain me how this can be related: If I boot with 530 video internet is OK (i experience loads of artifacts...) If I boot with installed GT 740 using boot flag nvda_drv=1 there are no internet, tried to reinstall realtek drivers but no luck. it feels like i am missing...
  6. 3apa3a

    HELP!!can not boot after install (GA-Z170-HD3)

    Hi, so i am trying fresh install on my Z170-HD3 + i5-6400. After i boot from USB into clover and choose "install OS X from USB" nothing happens, only black (dark grey) screen. Was tryin' to google for a solution, but i don't know how to describe this kind of problem and where to start.. Pls help!
  7. 3apa3a

    GA-Z68M-D2H F5+i5-2500K: CPU unknown

    Hey, My experience with hackintosh is not so pleasant as far : ) I got myself 2x4GB of ram. According to instructions I installed only 1 piece (no greater than 4GB), but every time I was trying to install OS 10.6 it ended unexpectedly in middle of installation. Then I decided to check what...