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  1. KevinAGI

    Maciasl issues

    I am posting here, because I could not figure out another place for this. I work in film production, and a .aml file is an Arri Look file. Maciasl is impeding me opening these files no matter what I do. Any ideas how to keep the default file handler from intercepting the file? Even when I do an...
  2. KevinAGI

    Creating Custom SSDT For add in cards

    I would like to create a couple of custom SSDT for my Decklink and Areca Raid cards. I' trying to correct a couple of odd ball things I am seeing . For Example the Areca card reports it's hooked up via ethernet, and the slot info is all goofed up on my X99 system. I have corrected my graphics...
  3. KevinAGI

    Mac Daddy Quad core laptop

    OK it is time to replace my aging laptop. I really need a Quadcore heavy duty 17" laptop, and I hate Mac books. I do so much animation and compositing on the road it is a pain to live with out the Number pad, and I would like to dual boot. Someone throw me a bone that works well. Thanks, Kevin...
  4. KevinAGI

    Specific DSDT Edits for 980X

    I am considering replacing my 950 on my X58A-UD3R with a 980X. Are ther any specific edits that need to be made to the stock DSDT for this board? Thanks, Kevin