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  1. inadav

    El Capitan CustoMac Mini 2011 won't boot

    Same over here :banghead:
  2. inadav

    Cant find Kernels/kernel

    Oh god.. what's the problem now? Still the same error?
  3. inadav

    Cant find Kernels/kernel

    Got the same problem.. Booted from the USB and when I choose boot to the USB Installer its just loading under the apple logo, and restarts.. :/
  4. inadav

    Get Ready for OS X El Capitan

    Hey guys, My computer also cant work with Clover for some reason, and I was wondering how can I install it? (Currently using Chameleon to boot, used Unibeast to install from USB). B.t.w if theres no other way than when would Unibeast come out?
  5. inadav

    Cant get my audio work - ALC892

    Hey, My first Hackintosh is now working (GA-H97M-D3H, speakers are connected to the built in motherboard audio jacks) only using the "-x -f" bootflags, and the audio isn't working. I'm using Chameleon & The latest 10.10.2 version with security updates. Anyways, I have installed ALC892 using...
  6. inadav

    Slow animations on OS X - 10.10.2

    Hey, I'm running my first Hackintosh now using H97M-D3H motherboard with a GTX750 Ti GPU, With an NVIDIA Web Driver in the latest version - which fits with my 10.10.2 security updates, Anyways - When entering the launchpad, logging into the systems and even enlarging a video on youtube - The...
  7. inadav

    Steam isn't working on new Hackintosh - FirstBuild

    Hey, I have just installed OS X on my new PC, that has a H97M-D3H motherboard & GTX750 Ti GPU & 8GB RAM & I5 4460 and when I'm trying to run CSGO from Steam it opens an "exec" icon-ed file, and it quits with a natural OS X crash error. Do you have an idea what's making the problem? I've read...
  8. inadav

    No Audio Devices - Realtek ALC AppleHDA [Guide]

    Hey, I have an H97M-D3H motherboard running the latest version - OS X 10.10.2 with the new security updates, Using Multibeast & Chameleon boot loader -> Installed Realtek ALC892 & Optional 5.1 Support & Audio ID 2 and I'm still having no audio. it's a 5.1 audio built in the motherboard...
  9. inadav

    Powermac G4 MDD Mod #HELP

    I have took all of the parts out, Did someone created a guide about how to insert the mATX boards into it & where / where am I supposed to cut holes for the motherboard (if there is no other option - Without cutting) Anyways, Thanks & have a good day! :thumbup:
  10. inadav

    Powermac G4 MDD Mod #HELP

    Thank you very much, I would be very happy to add you to my Skype friends list and talk with you while I'm working on the hard parts :) Send me your Skype acc name :arrow::beachball:
  11. inadav

    Powermac G4 MDD Mod #HELP

    Hey guys, I am going to receive a used Powermac G4 MDD today, and I've been thinking about modding it - I have a pretty old mATX board around, 2 Gig's of RAM and 500GB 7200rpm hard drive anyways, I have heard that there's a problem with placing PCI-e cards in the MDD model and I'm not going to...