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  1. Euro321

    [Guide] ASUS X541UA - VirtualSMC, I2C Trackpad, Clover UEFI

    System specs: CPU: Intel Core i3 7100U GPU: Intel HD Graphics 620 RAM: 4 GB DDR4 2133 MHz Trackpad: ELAN1200 Audio: ALC256 Wi-Fi: BCM94352HMB Story behind Before anything else, I must say a big thank you for RehabMan who created kexts, patches and guides to get OS X working on laptops. I...
  2. Euro321

    [solved] Probook 4540s IntelCapriControoler timeout

    Hi, I have followed the guide and everything is working fine except on little thing: I get a 60 seconds timeout on AppleIntelCapriController (or something like this) and this causes a slow boot and the GPU gets detected but no QE acceleration at all. Sometimes if I get lucky on some boots I do...
  3. Euro321

    [solved] ProBook 4540s getting to the installer

    Hi, I have an HP ProBook 4540s with Intel Core i5 3230M and 8 GB of RAM and HD7650M (which is disabled in UEFI) and I am stuck at the AptioFixMemory on the boot. I tried different configurations with kext, config.plists but nothing. Can somebody take a look at my EFI folder and see what's wrong...
  4. Euro321

    BCM943228HM4L - anyone has it ?

    Hi, I want to buy a new wireless card for my laptop but this is the only model I can find in my country: BCM943228HM4L Is it good ? Does it suffer from Wi-Fi connection drops or anything like that in OS X ? Thanks !
  5. Euro321

    X541UAK - DSDT patching

    Hi, I wanted to patch the DSDT of my ASUS X541UAK to fix the battery indicator, brightness, touchpad and keyboard. The thing is that I extracted the DSDT using Clover (pressing F4) then from resulting files I used iasl51 per Rehabman guide to decompile the files. I get some errors during the...
  6. Euro321

    [solved] ASUS X541UAK - Can't boot Busy timeout

    Hi, I have a little problem with my ASUS X541UAK. I can't boot to the setup screen. I reached the installer, formatted the SSD, rebooted, it said Completing installation and now, all I get is: busy timeout[0], (240s): ""AppleACPICPU" I searched this forum for the problem and I found some...
  7. Euro321

    ASUS X541UAK - Touchpad & keyboard

    Hi, I have an ASUS X541UAK and I have a little problem with the touchpad and keyboard; It's an I2C connection as far as I know. I tried some kexts like PS2 and i2C but nothing. In the installer it does not work at all. So, what kext should I try or needs DSDT patching ? Thanks !
  8. Euro321

    OSInstall.mpkg appears to be missing or damaged

    I have the famous "OSInstall.mpkg appears to be missing or damaged" Background: Before I had installed macOS 10.13.1 that ran without a problem, without weird errors. So I decided to make a clean install of 10.13.2, I downloaded the latest macOS using AppStore (at first it downloaded like 19...
  9. Euro321

    Can't create USB Installer

    Hi, I can't download the full High Sierra package from the AppStore because it only downloads about 20 MB and nothing more. I tried deleting the file and redownload it again but nothing. Any solution ? Thanks !
  10. Euro321

    NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti - No Sound

    Hi, I installed Toleda's script for HDMI Audio and all I get is just the name of the TV in the sound settings and that's it no sound. How can I fix it ? Do you need any logs ? macOS Sierra 10.12.2 NVIDIA Web Drivers 367.15.10.25f02 Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2 GB
  11. Euro321

    GTX 750 Ti - good or not

    Hi, I am going to buy a GTX 750 Ti: There are any compatibility issues with El Capitan or Sierra ? I need to do something extra to have full QE and stuff ? For the moment I use GT 210 with...
  12. Euro321

    Fix Sleep on Sierra

    Hi, I have problems with the sleep option in OS X Sierra. The monitor turns off and the system is up and running and if I click the mouse the monitor wakes up. No panic no nothing. How can I fix it ? Mobo: Gigabyte B85M-D2V CPU: Intel Pentium G3220 (using fake CPU ID for Intel Core i5) GPU...
  13. Euro321

    ALC 887 - Sierra Problem

    Hi, I installed OS X Sierra and my audio doesn't work. I tried Toleda's script audio_cloverALC-120_v1.0a0 Here is the output of the install: Agreement The audio_cloverALC-120 script is for personal use only. Do not distribute the patch, any or all of the files or the resulting patched...
  14. Euro321

    ALC 887 - Strange problem

    Hi, I have some problems with installing the right kext for ALC 887. I have 3 ports on the back (Sound, Mic & Line In) and 2 on the front (Sound & Mic). I moved the AppleALC.kext file to the EFI System Partition inside the kexts folder (EFI/Clover/Kexts/10.11) and with this kext only I get just...