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  1. monty007

    End Of MacOS on Intel?

    Well Ladies and Gents - this was literally just released on Bloomberg a few minutes ago. "The initiative, code named Kalamata, is still in the early developmental stages, but comes as...
  2. monty007

    No USB working after High Sierra install

    Im having this exact problem but I have AFS. Were you able to fix this? I’m stuck at the login screen. Can’t type or use the mouse regardless of which port I use.
  3. monty007

    Stuck at Attempting System Restart... MACH Reboot

    I just got this resolved on my primary Hack. i7 3770K z77x-UD5H board. In Clover I just clicked on Clover boot options, went into drop tables and checked off the MATS options. I returned and hit enter. Finally got to the installer and installed properly. It did restart a few times to...
  4. monty007

    OSX applications not loading - Sierra

    Hi all, Just completed a build for my daughter. Specs below: Gigabyte H170n - Wifi i3 - 6100 - stock cooler GTX 710 video card 1tb WD Blue 8GM of Hyperx ram Coolermaster 110 case I have built quite a few hacks in the past and this one has been particularly stubborn. I had to re-load Sierra...
  5. monty007

    GA-H170N-WIFI no sound using Sierra on ALC1150

    sorry, didn't mean to hijack the thread. I will post the details requested in the link provided.
  6. monty007

    GA-H170N-WIFI no sound using Sierra on ALC1150

    Hi toleda, I have the following setup and I have tried what you recommended to DouggieB2 and it is not working for me. This is my 5th Hack and I'm pretty comfortable. New Vanilla build: gigabyte H170N-wifi 8gb HyperX ram WD 1TB Black stock cooler i3-6100 *GT 710 - ordered but not here yet -...
  7. monty007

    Unibeast UEFI doesn't load, goes to EFI Shell

    sounds like a bad USB. Do you have another one to install Unibeast on?
  8. monty007

    Prohibited Sign after going to Clover

    try removing the graphics card for the install and put the boot flag: nv_disable=1
  9. monty007

    [Solved] ASUS Z170-A ProGaming && I7-6700 - Working but .. Shutdown && Sound No go

    Not sure if you have tried this or not - BIOS setting wake on lan. Try disabling it to see if it will let you manually shut down.
  10. monty007

    Unibeast 6.2 HELP!!!!

    Is it an old USB stick? I had several problems with my install and using 2 old USB sticks were part of the problem. Based on the reboot loop, I would recommend getting a new USB.
  11. monty007

    El Capitan - Gigabyte GA Z170N Gaming 5 Problems

    Hey! Sorry to hear about your trouble. I had a very difficult time reaching the installer with my build (H170N + i3 6100). I had to clear the CMOS using a jumper, once at the clover menu I hit the space bar and selected the bottom most option: "without caches & without Kexts". I don't know...
  12. monty007

    [SOLVED] Frustrated!! Skylake Custom Mini Vanilla Build - Can't reach installer

    SOLVED: So I bought a new monitor, new HDMI cable and 3 new USB sticks (16GB USB 3). I updated Unibeast (6.2) and Multibeast (8.2.2) to the most Current along with OS X 10.11.4. Hooked up new monitor and new HDMI cable using the bottom port but I also kept the DVI monitor plugged in. Once I...
  13. monty007

    Installer freezes on first boot

    What I meant to say was to try and install without the video card in the board. Once you get through the install then put the video card back in.
  14. monty007

    [SOLVED] Frustrated!! Skylake Custom Mini Vanilla Build - Can't reach installer

    Thanks Wildwillow for the details. I have updated to the config file to reflect - still can't get to the installer.
  15. monty007

    [SOLVED] Frustrated!! Skylake Custom Mini Vanilla Build - Can't reach installer

    So I have tried the suggestions below: dart=0 nv_disable=1 kext-dev-mode=1 I have also tried -x and -s - no luck. I have made 2 new different USB sticks: 1) 8GB USB 2 drive and 2 16GB USB 3 drive. I have tried to boot up directly with only HDMI and neither port work for me. The screen shuts...
  16. monty007

    Installer freezes on first boot

    have you tried installing without the video card installed? I know the 390 has issues that are being worked on.
  17. monty007

    [SOLVED] Frustrated!! Skylake Custom Mini Vanilla Build - Can't reach installer

    yes BIOS settings have been followed. I have tried dart=0 I will try kext-dev-mode=1 and report back. thanks! I am also going to try booting in safe mode "-x" to see if it will let me through to the installer.
  18. monty007

    [SOLVED] Frustrated!! Skylake Custom Mini Vanilla Build - Can't reach installer

    Hi all, New build for me. I followed the vanilla custom mini specs: i3 6100 Gigabyte h170n-wifi 8 GB DDR4 ram 1TB WD Black drive I have followed the Skylake guide and cannot get to the install screen - the monitor turns off. USB was created with latest Unibeast and used the current version...
  19. monty007

    Project: Quicksilver Power Hack G4 (i7 4790K / Z97)

    incredible build. I love how you spent the time with your cables - totally worth the effort! I look forward to your custom watercooling setup. I saw the EK rad in the bottom under the corsair fans and got really excited for another WC Hack! Keep up the extraordinary work!!:headbang::headbang:
  20. monty007

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880 Specs Unveiled

    Wow! only 1 6 pin connector? That seems counter-intuitive to me. More cores, I would assume would require more power?!? Regardless, I'm looking forward to the new tech. I was hoping to see bandwith bumped up to 512 like the R9 cards.