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  1. rokmaver

    Problem: Sapphire Radeon RX580 Pulse 8GB

    I update my OSx to 10.13.6 and install new GPU Sapphire Radeon RX580 Pulse 8GB, i have two questions: Why DisplayPort doesn't work, HDMI and DVI works perfectly without any problem? When system boot into high sierra, the gpu fans stop working immediately and after a few minutes graphics card...
  2. rokmaver

    How to get 3 working monitors on AMD Radeon R9 280x?

    I have one question, did you manage to get 3 monitors running on one AMD Radeon R9 280x and how? Now i have two working monitors on Sierra... Thanks for your help! :)
  3. rokmaver

    Which GPU for FCPx 4k editing?

    Which GPU do you recommend, for editing 4k videos in FCPx, to use on my dual booth (Sierra 10.12.4, Win 10) hackintosh (mobo z170-hd3, i7 6700k, ram 32gb)? I can't decied between Radeon XFX 280x 3GB, XFX RX480 8GB or some NVIDIA ‘Pascal’ based graphics card. I need full acceleration, best bang...