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  1. masso912

    New driver from realtek ethernet.

    Look here at the bottom :O ... Down=false 2011/9/29 They are quite UP to date. Someone has tried them?
  2. masso912

    Solution for intel3000? Maybe. [Test required]

    I've messed up some info.plist of the Kext/bundle for intel3000 and now i've not seen a single glitch since 3 hour. If you would like to test it out, these are the files. (Note that some change i made are only for the MacbookPro8,1 smbios). I started running all the apps one by one, this is...
  3. masso912

    Screen Lines issues, let's find out pt2.

    Lately i've got two possible ideas to find the cause of the problem. We know that... - 8Gb of ram cause more glitches. - GE=Yes makes freeze occur less often. Now, the user liposuction, if i remember correctly, installed the Kexts for SL as well as the EFI String and got it work without...
  4. masso912

    Upgrading Laptop screen to 1080p

    UPDATE, IMPORTANT New probook 4530s series users are having problem with 1080p screen, check the last posts. OLD TOPIC New Info. This solution works 100% for 1080p 4530s 15". Cable: 646274-001 from hp spare parts. Screen: ... 9%28F3%29/ Either...
  5. masso912

    Screen Lines issues. Let's find out.

    Post form - Probook type (4X30s with i3/i5/i7) - With or without Radeon 6490m - AppleIntelCpuPowerManagement Version. - Dual link patched applied in dsdt? (Yes/No) - Bios Version - Problem: (Freeze, lines, ecc) - Browser used: Safari If we can resolve this, it's a good milestone. Let's gather...
  6. masso912

    My kind of music! Vote here!

    Vote up guys! I'm just curious about it ;D I had to group up some kind because the max choices were 10... So, don't bother if some association are stupid. (Like Funk/Folk xD). Put the 3 favorites and post something to comment =)
  7. masso912

    Fix Apple logo while booting.

    I edited the resolution of the boot logo to give a "Feeling" that the resolution of the boot loader is correct :lol: Not a very nice solution, boot it looks nicer than the stretched apple logo :roll: Remember to use <key>Legacy Logo</key> <string>No</string>
  8. masso912

    Hyperfast Boot!

    I've modified recently my Kexts configuration and my pc boot in 6 seconds after pressing the button :o No sleep, FULL shutdown! :headbang: Spec: i5 2410m 2300mhz 8GB ram 1333mhz Intel3000 + Ati SSD 120GB Vertex 2 I removed VoodooBattery cause with a DSDT patch (Credit Zaffe!) it's no...
  9. masso912

    IDT Audio project.

    To have vanilla AppleHDA we need to patch it with IDT audio codec. Here's a guide for snow leopard. If someone wants to try it, is all explained here. ... pic=132495 It's quite a bit old.
  10. masso912

    Multitouch Driver.

    Is there a way to get the 3 and 4 finger scroll to work in lion? My touchpad is capable of this in windows...
  11. masso912

    MacBook Pro 8,2 SMBIOS?

    Has anyone a MacBook pro 8,2 SMBIOS? Or even better. how to create one?
  12. masso912

    HP ProBook 4530s (I5/I7) Official Guide.

    Work in progress. Just to let you know, wireless and lan will work with 2 Kext. This laptop is equipped with 6490m and intel HD 3000, so it should work with GraphicsEnabler=No (same as macbook pro). It's a sandybridge. the trackpad is a "Synaptic" one, which is the same of mac. I have ordered...
  13. masso912

    Moving fresh install in other pc?

    I would like to install Lion mac osx in a new brand SSD and move it in another pc. I have the internal HDD of the first pc (the one with already the hackintosh) partitioned with the Lion installer (done with X-move stuff). Is it possible to install OSX on SSD, configuring DSDT and Kext (for the...
  14. masso912

    Any support for ATI 6490m?

    Macbook pro has this VGA and i've found a notebook that is pretty cheap with that card. It's an I5 sandy bridge with 6490m and it costs only 5xx€. Has someone tried it? or any suggestion if it'll work or not? :)
  15. masso912

    Apple HDA alc 883 10.6.8

    Has someone a patched AppleHDA alc 883 for snow leopard 10.6.8? I have a DSDT solution with injected audio HDEF. P5K motherboard.
  16. masso912

    Ati 6850 framebuffer problem. (SOLVED)

    My ati is a 6850 Vapor-X 1GB. It work perfectly QE/CI but... there are 2 problems. 1) It isn't identified correctly by the system. 2) The framebuffer isn't working correctly. | | | +-o ATY,ATY,RadeonFramebuffer@0 <class AtiFbStub, id 0x1000003$ | | | +-o...
  17. masso912

    Macbook pro alternative?

    I was searchin' on the internet and i found this. ... R1002_USEN Microprocessor 2 GHz Intel Core i7-2630QM [same clock as Macbook] Memory 4 or 8 GB DDR3 Memory Max Upgradeable to 8 GB DDR3 Video Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6490M (1 GB...
  18. masso912

    Question about QE/CI.

    With Chimera i have to use for my 4890 Vapor x 1gb the Netkas exotic card patch? or chimera do it by default? thx in advance. ;)
  19. masso912

    SpeedStep Intel Core 2 duo help.

    I have a full dsdt system (Ripped from bios in win7 64bit and autopatched with dsdt autopatcher). I'm using chamaleon ATI Experimental for my 4890 vapor-X, that work perfeclty with QE/CI. The only problem is the CPU. How am i suppose to enable speedstep? I heard about some kernel flags (Like...