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  1. potemkin

    hdmi audio with nvidia drivers in mac pro 1.1

    Do nvidia drivers from nvidia enable HDMI audio in Mac Pro 1,1 running Mavericks or Mountain Lion ? ( note my Mac pro is currently running Mavericks soon to upgrade to Yosemite ) One Mac Pro has GT 430 and the other has a GT 630. I also have a GT 640. Web searches give conflicting or...
  2. potemkin

    video cards Mac Pro 1,1 Lion 10.7.5

    I have built a number of Hackintoshes. Apparently I may need to hack this Mac Pro a little. From one version to another of Lion video card support varies. Basically between 10.7.3/10.7.5 apple broke some Nvidia drivers. I plan on running 10.7.5 due to availability. Fermi Cards supposedly...
  3. potemkin

    New Rosewill Legacy Aluminum cases @ New Egg

    New Egg has some really nice cases in all form factors. There are quite a few mini itx cases. Some of these Rosewill cases resemble Macs to some degree
  4. potemkin

    carbon copy clone for windows ?

    Yes, I know CCC doesn't do Windows. Is there a good product on Windows side for XP that does a bootable clone?
  5. potemkin

    boot 0 fix and adding partition

    I fixed boot 0 error, had to use a very of methods. Simple question,I hope. What happens when you remove a partition or add a partition to boot 0 fix ? Does boot 0 fix get written out in a time machine backup ?
  6. potemkin

    HD Graphics heresy

    The MacBook Pro 6,1 used HD graphics with 256 meg of shared RAM. (2010) There is a program called GFX card status for these Macbook Pros. This program allows user to pick graphics card used rather than let OS X decide. I noticed Multibeast now has patch for mixed system video included (6/7...
  7. potemkin

    newegg gigabyte h67 mini itx back

    just got auto notify the mini itx board is back at Newegg
  8. potemkin

    foxconn h67s

    Any luck with this board ? I saw a series of posts, but the installer was not very knowledgeable. On other forums I have seen some nice mini installs with this board.(not hackintoshes) It has realtek audio and network,simple 8111 and 888. This board has two internal ports 6gb and one esata at...