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  1. cachiputi

    WiFi pcie BCM943224HMPx works yosemite?

    Hi!! The WiFi pcie BCM943224HMPx works on Yosemite? Thanks!!
  2. cachiputi

    What lasted MB is compatible with native thunderbolt 2?¿

    Hi Friends!! What lasted Mother Board is compatible with native thunderbolt 2 ?¿ Thanks!!
  3. cachiputi

    [HELP] time delayed bios

    Hello friends! I have a problem that is driving me crazy ... It turns out that when the BIOS is delayed two hours with the actual time difference. Mavericks shows me the correct time, but not the BIOS. I have discovered that this being so, TimeMachine shows me ERROR when trying to create a...
  4. cachiputi

    [SSD FAST START] Start on my Hackintosh SSD

    Hello mates! Here I leave a video where you can see how fast it boots Hackintosh installed on a SSD hard drive. For undecided about buying an SSD, do not hesitate and buy one. You'll notice a lot of difference. <span id="result_box" class=""...
  5. cachiputi

    Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H and MultiBeast6 not patch nothing

    Hello! I'm riding my 1st Hackintosh guide me when buying the components tonymac Guides. I decided to buy this motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H and i5-4570S processor (Intel HD4600 integrated graphics). Well GOT install Mavericks but over MultiBeast6 to patch the Ethernet, Audio, Graphics...