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    Roomate just got a 4530s: some Negative thoughts...

    Thoughts? Go over the spec list more thoroughly next time to check weight and dimensions. My keys are fine - I have no problem. I got mine for a 1/5th of the price of a comparable MBP - it's great for the price. I think it's a little naive to expect a complete imitation of the Mac experience...
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    Hp 4530s + second screen

    Is this after a period of time or instantly when you close the screen?
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    Remap keys between different languages

    Stolen from another site: Press and hold the option key then whilst holding make a regular ? and it will flip to ¿
  4. 0101

    A possible cheap fix for the External Mic

    My mic socket works too - also listed under Line In.
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    [Color profile] HP Probook 4530s with *Hardware calibration*

    Interesting work - I tried the profile and found it a bit too yellow. The default profile on the monitor seems washed out - I think the real issue lies with the screen itself. I don't think it's a decent IPS panel like they use on real MBPs. What colour temp and gamma does your profile use? It...
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    Swap Fn key and Ctrl key

    Is this so you can use CTRL+C for copy etc instead of FN? If so, simply go into the Keyboard menu in settings - select the Keyboard tab then go into Modifier keys.
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    Little help before I buy this model A6G49ES

    Remember that the Radeon 6490 is not supported. All graphics will be processed by the Intel HD3000 on board.
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    wich version is the best bios

    F20 I think. I don't think the Probook installer fully supports F23 whereas it does F20.
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    What DVD manufacturer for a Probook 4430

    Maybe he's installing Windows 95 or something :lol: Windows should recognise it as already stated, but it's a HP TS-L633R
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    Can i install xp over my 3 Operating System

    Why? Just run it in a virtual machine, I personally don't get why people need 3 or 4 OSs on their laptops. Seems overkill to me.
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    Changed partition size - BootDevice Not Found- PLEASE HELP

    Ok, I managed to get onto a real mac to sort create a new Unibeast installer - used that to boot into my existing install and re-run the Mac Installer.
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    Changed partition size - BootDevice Not Found- PLEASE HELP

    Hi, I (stupidly) made my OSX partition bigger using disk utility whilst the laptop was running. I had thought seeing as it worked absolutely fine after and during the partition it would be ok. Now when I boot I get the message "BootDevice Not Found Please install an operating system on your...
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    POLL: Do you just boot OSX - or dual triple etc. boot?

    Just out of interest, what type of setup of OS's do you have on your 4530? I only boot OSX, I have got GTA: SA working using Crossover and seeing as the Graphics can't handle much more than that - I see no need for Windows any more. I previously exclusively used Windows for years but OSX seems...
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    NEW BIOS! F.23 - Anyone tried it?

    There is a new BIOS out, F.23 released on the 9th of March. I'm going to test it in the next few days. Has anyone tried it? It doesn't give much detail of what it does / changes. Link: ... 135&mode=3 NOTE: Link is for Probook 4530s A1E99EA - double check...
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    Some basic questions (answers not found!)

    If it has a 4K HD you can just edit a few simple things to get it working with Chameleon.
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    Battery Cycle Count

    Doesn't work for me.
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    Won't wake - come out of sleep mode

    Re-running the installer has fixed the sleep issue now thank you. I no longer get a "incorrect image header" too. I've now got the sleep keyboard bug seen here: :lol: viewtopic.php?f=259&t=54709&start=0
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    Won't wake - come out of sleep mode

    I have tried turning up the brightness - if I hit caps lock for example it doesn't light up so I do believe the laptop is in some sort of state between sleep and 'awake' as the fan powers up and the power light goes solid but no screen or anything. As someone else mentioned I also have: Header...
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    Won't wake - come out of sleep mode

    Many thanks - can I ask what the problem was with the DSDT or what needed to be modified? I copied the DSDT to /extra/ and replaced the file that was in there and now when I sleep I get a flashing power light which I didn't before - but when I press power it still powers up the fan but still...
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    Won't wake - come out of sleep mode

    Here is my DSDT, if you could patch it I would appreciate it. Thanks