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  1. sionam


    hey I'm running Catalina on my pc and everything run pretty good. some specs: intel i7 6700k GA-Z170-HD3P RAM 16gb-DDR4-2133Mhz Gigabyte G8-RX580 8GB Kingston 240GB Nvme lan network card on board with (RealtekRTL8111.kext) AKA RTL ver 2.2.2 on Multibeast. and I have Wifi Adapter - TL-WN725N with...
  2. sionam

    [Solved] twitter videos

    not working at all only in chrome I try install flash player on safari to see if its work but nothing work my specs: i7 6700K z170 hd3p f22 hd530 Importent! i had GTX560 before and is didn't work thank you for the help! I try and search and I just make my boot to be more slower every method I...
  3. sionam

    Sierra get HD7000 instant HD530

    all the build work great, I cannot view videos In twitter app, and I know its bug not really issue but if someone here have some info about fix this I really thankful. full acceleration, night shift work and everything great but this get me crazy
  4. sionam

    [Solved] z170 hd3p F22 and i7 6700K

    ok so I set up the system and work great. I follow about 10 post "how to install on z170" and evrything almost work great when I start the system and choice to up from the "Sierra" hard drive, its give me clover bootloader but then I get glitch on the screen and many lines and more @Hit like...