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  1. imade

    Upgrading from 10.10.2 to 10.10.5 - What to keep in mind

    Hi, as the title says I'm currently on 10.10.2 and I wish to upgrade to 10.10.5 using combo update from the Apple Website. Is there anything I should do before I update? System Information: In signature. Current Clover Booted Version : 3192 PBI : HP Probook Installer Clover Edition
  2. imade

    Security Update 2014-002 1.0

    Just saw this new security update kb/HT/1222, i don't want to jump on it. Has anyone installed it? If yes, please mention the steps involved. Thanks!
  3. imade

    Left palm-rest getting warm..

    Hello everyone! I'm enjoying my new mac for few weeks now! It's amazing to see so many folks put their hard-work and time to make this possible. I have a slight issue, the left size palm rest of my Probook gets warmer than the right one. The HWMonitor shows 53C temp,i see nothing abnormal...
  4. imade

    HP Probook 4440s

    Hello Tonymacers! Unfortunately the trusted probook 4540s is not in stock in my country. I have looked in many stores, and I could not find it available anywhere. :-( The only model which is available right now is Probook 4440s, the specs are somewhat similar to 4540s, only difference (as it...
  5. imade

    [Help] 4540s' - With or without dedicated Graphics?

    Hello good people, I'm planning to buy a Probook 4540s this Christmas. Since there are two models available here, one is 3rd gen i3 with intel HD 4000 and another one with i5 with AMD graphics. I plan to use this computer for game development, for both Android and iPhone which includes using...