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  1. oliversl

    << Solved >> How to copy the EFI from Unibeast to EFI partition?

    Hi, when I boot my Mac installation using the Unibeast usb disk, my AMD RX580 works fine, but after running Multibeast and boot from the hard drive, it does not work. I wonder if I can just copy the files from the EFI partition form the Unibeast USB to the EFI partition in my hard drive. Will...
  2. oliversl

    << Solved >> Multiboot Win10+Catalina: delete catalina and clover

    Hi, I had a dual-boot to the same drive, Windows 10 + Catalina. I deleted the Catalina partition and now I want to delete clover. How can I delete clover? Thanks!
  3. oliversl

    << Solved >> Upgrade using UniBeast (HighSierra to Mojave) dual boot same drive?

    Hi, I have a dual boot on the same drive with osx macOS and Windows 7. I tried to upgrade to Mojave using Unibeast and it install, but can't pass the 3rd reboot. I think the 2nd reboot went fine. My problem started in High Sierra, I read I needed Clover 5xxx to upgrade to Mojave and after...
  4. oliversl

    GA-Z77-DS3H, sleep stopped working after 10.8.5, how to make it work again?

    Hi, My GA-Z77-DS3H does not sleep/wake anymore after 10.8.5 update. The Computer goes to sleep but the power and fan keep working, then, using mouse click o keyboard does not wake. In 10.8.4 I could sleep and power/fans shutdown properly, then I could wake with mouse or keyboard. Any help...
  5. oliversl

    Dual-boot: cloing MBR Win7 partition to new GPT hard disk

    Hi, I have a Win7 MBR Hard Drive and want to clone that partition to a new GPT disk so I can dual boot OSX and Windows7. I have done: - partitioning in OSX Installing - install temporal Win7 - clone the partition using gparted from old disk to new disk, overwriting the temporal windows 7...
  6. oliversl

    Lion on software raid 0?

    Hi, I have Lion working on a dedicated harddrive: viewtopic.php?f=168&t=52269 I wonder if it is posible to add another harddrive, make a RAID0 and use those 2 drive for booting Lion in RAID0. Is it posible? Many thanks Oliver
  7. oliversl

    [Working] Intel DH61WW + i5 2400 + Network + Nvidia + Sound

    Hi, After a few re-install I could get to boot Lion 10.7.3 and have all working: network, audio and nvidia card. Requirements: - a Mac Computer running Lion 10.7.3 - a iTunes account that has purchased Lion - Unibeast - Multiboot This is what I have done: 1- in a Mac, in Lion 10.7.3...