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  1. IITravel01

    Gigabyte H470I AORUS PRO AX

    I'm surprised I can't find any builds using this motherboard. It seems to be the only Gigabyte board that is both Titan Ridge 2.0 compatible (although that's questionable even though it's listed on their Titan Ridge 2.0 card list stating "Certified Motherboards with GC-TITAN RIDGE" page is the...
  2. IITravel01

    Sapphire RX 580 8GB Nitro+ Special Edition for $220 + tax

    On sale for $259.99 - $40 with promo code EMCERPT92 at
  3. IITravel01

    MSI AMD RX 570 8GB OC Armor for $135+tax

    Don't know if this is compatible with hackintosh, but the price seems good if so. $15 promocode plus $30 MIR from $179.99.
  4. IITravel01

    AMD RX 590 released today.

    Does anyone think there will be compatibility problems with this new graphics driver out today? Or do we have to wait and see?
  5. IITravel01

    You may want Thunderbolt 3 for futureproof onboard graphics.

    So I went and picked up the new LG 34WK95U-W 34" 5k2k monitor this morning. I thought I would post this so people know what to expect if they want to upgrade to this monitor in the future. With at least a Nvidia GeForce GTX10 series or a AMD Radeon RX460, you can use the DisplayPort 1.4 (HDMI...
  6. IITravel01

    ASUS Intros WS Z390 Pro Motherboard with Dual x16 PCIe Bridge Chip

    This seems to be the most full featured Z390 board being released. Wondering if the Gigabyte Titan Thunderbolt 3 card will work on it, since it has a Thunderbolt 3 header. Anyone else keeping an eye out for this board...
  7. IITravel01

    EVGA Z370 Classified-K for $160

    Probably the only ATX Z370 board with onboard HDMI 2.0 is on sale from $280 to $160 directly from
  8. IITravel01

    Anyone build a Hackintosh with the EVGA H370 or Gigabyte H370N ITX motherboard with onboard HDMI2.0?

    The EVGA H370 Stinger motherboard is probably the most economical (currently $130 direct from their website, the Gigabyte H370N WiFi is also in the same price range) 370 (Intel 8th gen.) motherboard with onboard HDMI 2.0 (there's only around a half dozen 370 motherboards that have onboard HDMI...
  9. IITravel01

    Can you have both an Apple Mac iOS partition and a Windows partion on the same m.2 SSD?

    Just wondered if I partitioned a m.2 Samsung 970 EVO 500GB with 250GB Windows partition and left the other 1/2 unformulated, could I install iOS on the unused 1/2 as a Apple Mac iOS partition on the same m.2 SSD? The ASRock Fatality Z370 Gaming-ITX/ac only has one m.2 slot and wondered if this...
  10. IITravel01

    Just a quick question regarding the LG blu-ray drive...

    The guide suggests the LG WH14NS40. Does that mean the WH16NS40 won't work?