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  1. jsconiers

    MSI Bravo 15 or 17?? AMD Ryzen 7 4800h and 5500M Compatible?

    Is the AMD powered Ryzen 7 and RX5500M compatible with Hackintosh. I've done a search and not much info on the ryzen mobile chips are available. I was looking for a laptop that didn't have the nvidia graphics and came across the MSI Bravo 15 and 17...
  2. jsconiers

    Dell Precision T5500 Dual Xeon and Catalina? Performance? is your friend. Found a fully working Catalina install on the T5500. Thanks! Do you think the T5500 with dual Xeons (E5645 or X5680 6 core 12 threads) and 72GB of memory would be faster than my 2015 Quad-core I7 16GB Macbook Pro? My 4k live stream / webinars, and Adobe...
  3. jsconiers

    MacOS Catalina 10.15.2 - Dell T5500 Screen Resolution and Boot.

    If the hard drive is SAS you can't boot off of it. I know this is an old thread but wanted to chime in and ask a question as well? Where you ever to resolve your other issues and run Catalina?
  4. jsconiers

    Dell Precision T5500 Dual Xeon and Catalina? Performance?

    Are the Dell Precision T5500s working with Catalina? I've seen a bunch of people run earlier versions of Mac os X on the T5500 but not Catalina and looking for guidance. Looking at building a fully-loaded Dell Precision T5500 with dual Xeons, 72GB of ram, SSD, and an RX580 to use as a Catalina...
  5. jsconiers

    OWC USB-C Dock (or Thunderbolt dock)

    @scottkendall are you using thunderbolt or usb-c?
  6. jsconiers

    OWC USB-C Dock (or Thunderbolt dock)

    Wondering if anyone is using the OWC USB-C Dock (or thunderbolt Dock) successfully. I have two USB-C ports and thunderbolt ports and would like to add easy-access USB-A or USB-C ports and card reader port to my Catalina desktop.
  7. jsconiers

    [Solved] High Sierra X299 Gigabyte Gaming 7 with Intel Core i9-7960X

    @tugvane can you post your efi folder?
  8. jsconiers

    X299 - Open Core support

    @tugvane can you post your efi folder. Having an issue and hoping it will help. Thanks!
  9. jsconiers

    X299 Gaming 7 9980XE install hangs on virtual IOReturn IONVMeController

    Dropped in TSCadjustrest.kext in kext/others, then added SSDT-EC.aml, and SSDT-AWAC.aml. now I'm still hanging on afps_module_start.
  10. jsconiers

    X299 Gaming 7 9980XE install hangs on virtual IOReturn IONVMeController

    Hi, Attempting to do an installation of Catalina on X299 gaming 7. Hangs on the following lines: virtul IOReturn IONMeController apfs_module_start:1689: load virtul IOReturn IONMeController I was reading there was an ACPI patch that I applied but still have the same...
  11. jsconiers

    5700xt vs Vega VII on new build

    I'm currently upgrading my system to an X299 setup. Sold my Vega64 and wondering should the upgrade path be to the 5700XT or the Vega VII?
  12. jsconiers

    Ran Combo 10.14.5 Update and got Black Screen in the Installation

    I can change options in clover. I can get hit X11 after post but how does that help me?
  13. jsconiers

    Ran Combo 10.14.5 Update and got Black Screen in the Installation

    Ran the combo updater and it installed correctly. But after rebooting I boot to a black screen after it gets past clover and starts with the apple logo. Gets to the end of the log then black screen. Happens when I add "-x -v" up scrolling verbose across the screen then goes to a...
  14. jsconiers

    Gigabyte X299 Deisgnare EX and Titan Ridge Card ?

    Quick question. Can you install the Titan Ridge Card on an X299 Designare EX? There are people that seem to stating it can but it's not listed as compatible on Gigabytes website. Thanks in advance!
  15. jsconiers

    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte AORUS Z370 Gaming 7 - i7-8700K - Nvidia GeForce GT740, Uadio Apollo 8

    Upgraded to 2TB 970 SSD Upgraded to 2 BenQ EW3270U Displays running at 4K
  16. jsconiers

    Removing extra kexts

    Actually quick search and I found it. Thanks!!
  17. jsconiers

    Removing extra kexts

    How do you remove a Kext that’s not being injected. I followed the guide to get rid of injected kexts but it doesn’t say anything about removing.
  18. jsconiers

    Removing extra kexts

    I've been using the following kexts since I first built a system almost two years ago. Upgraded to Mojave (10.14.3) and saw reference to deleting them some of them as they conflict or no longer valid. any help would be much appreciated: AppleALC AtherosE2200Ethernet CodeCommander FakeSMC...
  19. jsconiers

    X299 motherboard for i9-9900X

    Currently running z370 gaming z with 8700K but looking ta doing a 9900X build. Leaning towards a gigabyte board with the titan thunderbolt add on card. Anyone have any pros or cons of the x299 gaming 9 or gaming 7? Any other motherboards I should be considering? thanks in advance.