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  1. mightyspiky

    macOS 11.7 Update

    Everything is ok here. OC 0.6.7.
  2. mightyspiky

    Which NAS do you use with your Hackintosh ?

    I use an Oracle Linux 8 server with OpenZFS and a RaidZ1 (Raid5) of three western red CMR disks (as SMR disks result in problems with ZFS) for my data. I use many LXC containers and some KVM virtual machines on it. Mostly everything is working perfect with my Hackintosh. I also use a secondary...
  3. mightyspiky

    macOS 11.6.8 Update

    No problem here. OC 0.6.7
  4. mightyspiky

    macOS 11.6.7 Update

    No problem here. OpenCore 0.6.7
  5. mightyspiky

    macOS 11.6.6 Update

    All is good here. OpenCore 0.6.7 .
  6. mightyspiky

    macOS 11.6.5 Update

    All is good here. OpenCore 0.6.7
  7. mightyspiky

    macOS 11.6.3 Update

    No problem here.
  8. mightyspiky

    macOS 11.6.2 Update

    Same here (11.6.1 to 11.6.2 without problem) but with OpenCore 0.6.7.
  9. mightyspiky

    Install Big Sur or Catalina on a i7 2600k Asus motherboard possible?

    It's also working for me with the EFI folder of TimMak that I've updated to OC 0.6.7. I had to use an unorthodox way though. First, I tried to update to Big Sur using software update from Catalina. It didn't go far in the boot of the temporary installer drive before rebooting. After that, I...
  10. mightyspiky

    Install Big Sur or Catalina on a i7 2600k Asus motherboard possible?

    I have the same cpu as you and when I tried to change my system definition from iMac 14,2 to iMac15,1 with multibeast it wouldn't boot. I'm still using clover as I wanted to see first if I could change my system definition to one compatible with Big Sur before switching to opencore. I haven't...
  11. mightyspiky

    Security Update 2021-001 Catalina, Security Update 2021-001 Mojave

    On my i7 2600k hackintosh, it has installed correctly but on my Macbook Pro early 2011 patched with catalinapatcher from dosdude, the update doesn't install itself as the computer restart normally instead of restarting on install drive and I can't choose it manually when I go into bootloader...