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  1. alv456

    System lag after boot, then completely frozen after that

    I tried updating my system from 10.12.6 to 10.13 and all of the kexts are working fine, however, everytime I booted into the system, it got stuck (rainbow loading ball) like trying to open an app and eventually the screen will turn into black. I also noticed that my laptop's fans were going...
  2. alv456

    [solved] Codec Commander ALC668 - No sound if booted after windows

    Hi rehabman, I used the alc668.dsl from your repo to fix this problem, but the sound still not working if I restarted my laptop from windows. Is there some sort of configuration that I need to make to the .dsl file?
  3. alv456

    Clover boot on CSM mode - Low resolution problem

    Hi, does anyone know how to enable full resolution (1920x1080) on clover boot screen? I need to enable the CSM mode to fix fuzzy screen when plugging in HDMI to laptop. But, in CSM mode, the boot screen seems to stay at 800x600 even though I already set 1920x1080 on clover configurator.
  4. alv456

    [solved] Bluetooth turn off option greyed out - Qualcomm Atheros

    Hi, my laptop's bluetooth is working fine, but it stays on by default from boot and option to turn off the bluetooth in Sys pref greyed out. Is it possible to fix this?
  5. alv456

    [solved] Intel HD 4600 HDMI - screen fuzzy when plugged in or off

    Hi, does anyone experience this issue? My built-in display went crazy everytime I plugged in HDMI, but the second display acts properly. I attached the picture how it looks like when I plugged in the HDMI. The weird thing is, if I close the laptop lid, which make the laptop sleep, and wake it up...
  6. alv456

    [SOLVED] Voodoo HDA 2.9 - White Noise on Headphone jack

    Hi, First of all, big thanks to Voodoo HDA devs for providing this kext to make my laptop sound works but with some flaws (better than nothing). By using this kext, my built in speaker works flawlessly, but my headphone jack did not. It always output white noise sound even when the volume is...