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  1. impoundcity

    system posted in safe mode after 10.15.4 Update

    After updating to 5107 and 15.4 I get safe mode boot after every restart. I hit CTR ALT DEL and it boots normal. Any ideas?
  2. impoundcity

    external SSD appears as internal drive

    running 10.15.2 and my external SSD appears as internal drive. any forums on that or a quick fix? thanks
  3. impoundcity

    [Solved] my clock shows wrong time every time I switch from OSX to WIN10

    hello. can't figure this one out for months now... even when I put time manually in BIOS still comes up wrong. It's on auto setting in win and OSx but doesn't show correct time until I turn auto time off and back on... any tips? thanks in advance
  4. impoundcity

    black screen on boot using DisplayPort 980ti

    anyone knows how to make my DisplayPort as a main video output? I get black screen until OS boots up unless I use HDMI... thanks
  5. impoundcity

    what WiFi/BT card works on z170n gaming 5?

    I want to switch the onboard WiFi/BT card on my z170n... what cards work in sierra? thank you