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  1. iyeow

    Will this GTX 770 4GB Classified work natively.

    Hi , in tonymacs recommendation, GTX 770 2GB works natively but will this GTX 770 4GB works natively ? Evga Geforce Gtx770 Classified With Evga Acx Cooler 4Gb Gddr5 256-Bit Dual-Link Dvi-I Dvi-D Hdmi Dp Sli Ready Graphics Card 04G-P4-3778-Kr Anyone knows or any suggestions ? Thanks in...
  2. iyeow

    Pthread support aborts when sync kernel primitives misused when boot Mavericks

    Success Installation of Mavericks on Z87X-OC FORCE Patience is Virtue, finally up and running on my Haswell build on Mavericks. Bluetooth, iMessage, Sleep, Wake, Maps, FaceTime all working. :lol::lol::lol::lol: These are my settings
  3. iyeow

    Will this GC-WB300 (Wifi + Bluetooth ) that comes with GA-Z87-OC FORCE work.

    I have my ML 10.8.5 up and running. The only thing is the Wifi that comes with this Mobo as a separate card doesn't work. Is there a tweak to make it work or should i get a TP Link Wifi card ? Thanks in Advance.:banghead:
  4. iyeow

    I cannot sign into imessage after updating to 10.8.5, please help

    I keep getting error, " imessage cannot sign in error, please try again " message after updating from 10.8.4 to 10.8.5. I am using Mac Pro 3.1 as definition. Please help, thank you.
  5. iyeow

    What happens when after installing Multibeast features and Mountain Lion wouldn't boot up

    My Hackintoch has been running fine until I decide to reinstall Multibeast and probably ticked some incompatible features and then it wouldn't boot up. I used my USB to boot up and click on my ML OS and it wouldn't boot. Is there another way to fix and remove the tweak other than a restore of...
  6. iyeow

    How to over clock UEFI bios i7 2600k GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3

    How to over clock UEFI bios ( U1h ) i7 2600k GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 I have updated to UEFI bios U1h and everything including Sleep / Wake button works. I can only get up to multiplier to 34X but can't go any further. How can i overclock it to atleast 42X. I have installed SSDT but doesn't seem to do...
  7. iyeow

    Window 7 clock always show incorrect time in Hackintosh.

    Hi, I have been having issue with the clock time. Each time i set it in windows , shutdown and booted up onto Mac and when i go back to windows the time always changes. I have tried numerous time changing it back to actual but it keeps messing up my windows time. I noticed if I unplug the Mac...