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  1. ricky7

    Sales category

    So Mods required for this question. How hard would it be to implement a sales category? Lets say you wanted to buy used components from eBay for instance. Could users post what they're selling on eBay directly to tonymac, and then other users could buy? If we kept this within the tonymac...
  2. ricky7

    [SOLVED] How do i change BSD name?

    Looks like macOS Sierra messed with things. Anyone know how to change BSD names in macOS Sierra yet? ethernet is set to en2 and need en0 for app store/icloud/imessages/anythingapplemakes
  3. ricky7

    AMD RX 480 with GM?

    Has anyone tried working with the RX 480 since the release of the GM? If apple is going to follow what they did with their iPhones, the GM for macOS Sierra is going to be exactly equivalent with the final release next week.
  4. ricky7

    Can't keep time straight

    Heres a weird one. So I built a hackintosh a while ago, and I threw two hard drives in. One runs OS X one runs windows 10. For some reason, when I boot into a different operating system than I was using before (i.e. windows->OS X or OS X->windows) both systems lose track of system time. It...
  5. ricky7

    Usb 3.1?

    Has anyone had any luck enabling on board usb 3.1? I know tonymac got the PCIE card to work, but the same steps don't seem to apply for a system that has usb 3.1 build in. If anyone has seen anything please let me know! thanks!
  6. ricky7

    Simple alternative to USB 3.0 fixes

    If you're unlucky like me, you may have had no luck with all the USB fixes that are out there. However like most systems there may be one USB 3.0 port that works. Test them all and see if you have one. If so, heres a simple alternative. Buy a powered USB 3.0 Hub, and plug it into the one port...
  7. ricky7

    Booting clover from a different config file

    Did some research and can't find an answer. If I have 2 different config.plists in my EFI, can I choose which one to boot from? and how? basically I want one to be the one I know works without problems, and the other file to be one I can mess with setting to try and get things running or fix...
  8. ricky7

    "fix usb" whats it good for?

    As everyone else I have usb 3.0 troubles. Its annoying, but manageable (one port works and I have a big usb hub) but its aggravating. So I was messing around in clover and found this box fix usb. I though yay an easy usb 3.0 fix. Clicked it, booted, and boom verbose freezes on system uptime in...
  9. ricky7

    [SUCCESS] “Hac Pro” Asus Sabertooth mark II, i7 4790k, xfx AMD 280x

    [SUCCESS] “Hac Pro” Asus z97 Sabertooth mark II, i7 4790k, xfx AMD 280x ricky7's Build: Asus Z97 Sabertooth Mark II - i7-4790K - XFX R9 280X Components Asus Z97 Sabertooth Mark II USB 3.1 Motherboard Intel Core i7-4790K Processor XFX Double Dissipation AMD 280X Boost Graphics Card Fenvi...
  10. ricky7

    Adding AMD 280x graphics card

    Hello, So everywhere Ive read it says AMD 280x graphics cards work out of the box, but when I added my card in and tried to boot up, verbose freezes at "IO80211AWDLPeerManager::setAwdlAutoMode Resuming AWDL" Ive fiddled with different settings between changing frame buffer adding ATI, and...
  11. ricky7

    Stuck on booting from hard drive using clover

    Hey guys, I've tried everything I can think of so Im reaching out to you. Keeps freezing at the same point during first boot from hard drive. Hardware is as follows MB:Asus z97 sabertooth mark II CPU:i7-4790k GPU:AMD 280x Any help is greatly appreciated