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  1. Mak1702

    Stuck on Apple Logo screen!

    try verbose mode with graphicsenabler=no
  2. Mak1702

    Can't boot mavericks unless entering -x

    I also had this problem in beginning . Set your BIOS to default and try again!
  3. Mak1702

    Do I need a DSDT?

    My friend had the same motherboard and he used DSDT free installation.
  4. Mak1702

    Happy Independence Day 2013

    Happy Independence Day To All My American Friends From India..!!!!
  5. Mak1702

    The Best Game.....

    Can anyone suggest me the most adventuruos game for mac that could be played on GT 640.................. Thanks in advance.
  6. Mak1702

    How to recover ML 10.8.4 installation after incorrectly applied MultiBeast?

    Boot with -x -f -v graphicsenabler=no ...... and then delete the kexts you installed last time and reboot.
  7. Mak1702

    [Release] AsRock p67 Pro3 Guide

    The OS X Mountain lion is only available from the app store..... you can make your own bootable usb by unibeast.
  8. Mak1702

    Chimera 2.1 Now Available With Haswell CPU Support

    nice!!! one tonymacx86 and macman!!!
  9. Mak1702

    OS X Will Be Around Until At Least 2023

    Well then , we may be seeing OSX 10.14 Los Angeles???:D
  10. Mak1702 close...and yet so far! (GA-77X-UD5H and GTX 660)

    Choose PEG setting in your bios and use graphicsenabler=no...... also try connecting with hdmi.
  11. Mak1702

    is this ok to put osx on

    You need an existing mac to purchase the mountain lion app. then you have to make a bootable usb with unibeast.... check here
  12. Mak1702

    Issues with HDMI and VGA on GA-B75-D3P with 3770

    hehehehehhe!!!! it works!!!! thankssssss
  13. Mak1702

    Issues with HDMI and VGA on GA-B75-D3P with 3770

    and then when i will install GT 640 in CPU ..... then black screen comes??
  14. Mak1702

    Issues with HDMI and VGA on GA-B75-D3P with 3770

    For installing using HD4000 , do we have to use the boot flag graphicsenabler=yes???
  15. Mak1702

    [Guide] Dual Booting Mountain Lion and Windows 8

    [Guide] Mountain Lion and Windows 8 Sorry , I broke the rule. :-(
  16. Mak1702

    First hackintosh build from tonymac

    hmm........One more question Adrian ..... what do Nvidia web drivers , CUDA and PhysX do....???
  17. Mak1702

    First hackintosh build from tonymac

    Yes , I have a MacBook Air with me which has mountain lion app..... and I will create unibeast usb with it.... and which 1TB HDD I should buy?? and now I'm going to replace that GT610 to GT 640 with some extra money..... IS GT640 better than HD4000???
  18. Mak1702

    First hackintosh build from tonymac

    Will this work - GA-Z77X-UP5-TH And Does it need a dsdt.....Does it have uefi and does audio works without dsdt using just multibeast????
  19. Mak1702

    First hackintosh build from tonymac

    So it means that I have to build a new hackintosh..... So , Will this work?? Intel Core i-5 3770k 4 GB DDR3 Ram GT 610 2GB DDR3 Intel HD 4000 onboard Adrian , please suggest a good gigabyte motherboard which has uefi and doesn't need a dsdt and one more thing it should support sound....