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    wich version is the best bios

    F20 I think. I don't think the Probook installer fully supports F23 whereas it does F20.
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    Changed partition size - BootDevice Not Found- PLEASE HELP

    Hi, I (stupidly) made my OSX partition bigger using disk utility whilst the laptop was running. I had thought seeing as it worked absolutely fine after and during the partition it would be ok. Now when I boot I get the message "BootDevice Not Found Please install an operating system on your...
  3. 0101

    POLL: Do you just boot OSX - or dual triple etc. boot?

    Just out of interest, what type of setup of OS's do you have on your 4530? I only boot OSX, I have got GTA: SA working using Crossover and seeing as the Graphics can't handle much more than that - I see no need for Windows any more. I previously exclusively used Windows for years but OSX seems...
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    NEW BIOS! F.23 - Anyone tried it?

    There is a new BIOS out, F.23 released on the 9th of March. I'm going to test it in the next few days. Has anyone tried it? It doesn't give much detail of what it does / changes. Link: ... 135&mode=3 NOTE: Link is for Probook 4530s A1E99EA - double check...
  5. 0101

    Won't wake - come out of sleep mode

    First please let me thank everyone for all the hardwork they put in to making the probook work (nearly) flawlessly with OSX, especially blueking. I do have one small issue though, and I have tried to search but it seems that no one has the same problem as me. I recently updated the Probook...