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  1. ichris93

    GTX 750 TI, Sys. Def. 17,1, Sierra Black Screen

    Last night I tried to upgrade to the GM Sierra release. Before updating, my El Capitan setup was working flawlessly. After updating, I had to add a new patch to get the WiFi to work, but I still cannot get the NVIDIA web drivers to work properly. Also had to make some changes to get audio...
  2. ichris93

    Magic Mouse Stuttering

    After installing my GPU, I started to notice an issue with my magic mouse. Sometimes it works perfectly, sometimes it is stuttering and will not recognize a click or a swipe. Very annoying and inconsistent. I am using the BCM94352Z WiFi/BT card. No longer using the USB port limit patch...
  3. ichris93

    [SOLVED] Fix Shutdown stopped working

    My Hackintosh had been working great but now it won't stay shutdown. Fix Shutdown used to do the job but now it reboots no matter what! I also have Wake on LAN disabled. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. ichris93

    BCM94352Z Partially takes down network

    I am very happy with my Hackintosh, except for this network issue. After waking from sleep, some websites load fine while others I cannot even ping from terminal. The strange thing is that it affects all the devices connected to my WiFi. I have searched and disabled "Wake for WiFi Access"...
  5. ichris93

    [Solved] Intel HD 530 DVI does not work

    Hi everyone, I just built my first Hackintosh. At first, I could not get the system to install; I would get a black screen halfway through the initial loading bar. When it was not working, I was connected to my DVI monitor. Then, I tried it on my HDMI tv and it worked fine through HDMI...
  6. ichris93

    First build. GA-H170N-WIFI w/ i7

    Hi everyone, This is my first build, ever. I have a mid-2012 retina MBP and the battery will need replacing soon. It is hard for me to go a few days without a computer so I am not considering building a hackintosh. I am interested in staying with the i7 processor because my daily driver uses...