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  1. hejhej93

    El Capitan on GA-Z77N Wifi

    Hello! What's your experience guys? I have not installed it yet but are considering it.
  2. hejhej93

    One partition for backup, one for storage. Would it work?

    SOLVED One partition for backup, one for storage. Would it work? Hello guys! I got a question about partitioning my current hdd. I'm currently running Mavericks on a regular 1tb hdd. Lately I've been thinking about getting a ssd and install Yosemite on it. I want to split my current...
  3. hejhej93

    Yosemite on GA-Z77N wifi?

    Searched the forum and couldn't fin any thread about Yosemite and this mother board. So, has anybody tried yet? What's your experience? Best regards
  4. hejhej93

    problems after security update

    Hello guys! Just update my system with the latest security update and now some websites doesn't work in safari and mac app store is very slow too, if it works at all.. Is there anyone with similar problems? Any ideas? system specs: ga-z77n-wifi i3-3225 8gb ram running latest OSX
  5. hejhej93

    How to make airdrop work?

    Hello guys! I'm trying to make airdrop work on my hackintosh, I've typed the command "defaults write BrowseAllInterfaces 1" in the terminal so airdrop shows up in finder. The problem is that i can't see my iPad from the hackintosh and the iPad can't see the hackintosh...
  6. hejhej93

    Kingston SSDnow V300 (SSD disk) hackintosh compatible?

    Hello guys! Im looking for a ssd to put in my hackintosh. What do you think about the Kingston SSDnow V300? I know Tonymac recommend the Sandisk but you get a lot more for your money with this one, higher read/write speed. So does anybody have any experience with the Kingston? :)
  7. hejhej93

    Help/thoughts about security update

    Hello guys! Recently built my first hackintosh thanks to all guides and help from everyone on the Tonymac site. Now i noticed that my computer wants the latest security update (2013-003). Is it safe to update? Should I do it through the app store directly? Maybe someone with similar specs...
  8. hejhej93

    Please help!!!! Problem after installing

    Hello guys, my first post here. I recently put together my first hackintosh. But I got one major problem. my specs: intel core i3-3225 gigabyte ga-z77n-wifi (version f2) corsair vengeance ddr3 16000MHz cl10 i set up the bios exactly as in the TonyMac guide. I was able to install the system...